List of conduct rules and wiki policy. Any violation of these rules will be dealt with. This wiki will work on a 3-Strike system. First offense of the rules results in a week suspension, a repeat offense results in a month suspension, and a third attempt results in permanent suspension from the wiki.

Article rules and policy

  • Articles cannot be created for original characters, such as characters created for a blogger's fanfiction. (This means, a created character cannot have a main page, but their character page can be written as a blog instead in order to avoid confusion)
  • No personal comments can be posted on the articles.
  • Vandalism of any articles results in a week long suspension from this wiki.
  • All pages will be protected in order to avoid repeated vandalism of unregistered users.

User pages and User talk pages

  • User pages should not contain sexual content, extensive profanity or graphic content.
  • User pages are not to be edited by a user other than the user the page belongs to.
  • Vandalism of a user page or user talk page results in week long deletion. A second attempt results in a month suspension. A third attempt results in permenant suspension from the wiki.

Blog rules and policy

  • Blogs cannot contain extensive profanity or sexual content.
  • Blogs cannot be made to cyberbully other users or they will be deleted.

Fanfiction rules and policy

  • Fanfiction must be related to the TV series Smallville. So long as a location, object, or character of the show is featured, that fanfic can be used. Examples of allowed fanfictions are Starcrossed and Kinder Justice, examples of unallowed fanfictions are Queens and Spiders)
  • Crossovers are allowed as long as Smallville characters are featured.

Comment rules and policy

  • Rude or unkind comments will be deleted
  • Repeated harrassment through comments will result in permanent suspension.

Chat rules and policy

  • If a user is caught harrassing or bullying another user through chat this will result in a week long suspension, a second offense will result in a month suspension, and a third in permanent suspension.

Previously blocked users

  • Users blocked on other wikis will begin on an ongoing trial basis. Instead of at the third, permanent suspension will occur at the FIRST violation of any rules.
  • If a user is blocked twice, they lose their wiki rights.
  • If a user is blocked a third time, they are reported to wiki for permanent account deactivation

Individual User Rights

Does not apply to users blocked more than once.

  • Users have a right to edit pages as they please.
  • Users have the right to request another user be blocked for innapropraite behavior.
  • Users have a right to a safe experience, where they do not feel threatened or bullied by other users.