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    Metropolis PD

    August 3, 2011 by Zodisgod

    • Maggie Sawyer - Jill Teed (All seasons)
    • Dan Turpin - David Paetkau (All seasons)
    • John Jones - Phil Morris (All seasons)
    • Kate O' Hara - Anna Kendrick (All seasons)
    • Doug Parker - Shane West (Season 2 - )
    • Renee Montoya - Kristen Bell (Season 2 - )

    "Hope" by The Blackout.

    September 21 2012


    On a dark, rain-filled night two Metro PD Homicide detectives arrive at an abandoned warehouse.

    "Detective Sawyer, Detective Williams could I get a quote for the front page" a voice calls out. Sawyer recognising the voice turns with a sigh.

    "Kent how is it you always get to our crime scenes before us, maybe we should call you for information instead of listening to our dispatch."

    "So that's a no then."

    "It's a maybe,…

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