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  • TomWellingishot

    I'm seriously considering disabling my account; I'm just not enjoying Wikia editing as much as I used to anymore (not that I don't enjoy chatting anymore; it's complicated, this is only the simplified version). It's been great knowing you all and reading your fanfics, but I'm not too sure about staying on Wikia anymore. If I do leave, I'll let you all know.

    Zài jiàn.

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  • TomWellingishot

    Companions Forever

    October 7, 2011 by TomWellingishot

    This is just a one-shot of Clark and Lois' wedding in 2018.


    Lois Lane stood before the mirror in the chapel's dressing room, clad in her wedding gown. She was absolutely stunning, even more beautiful than the way she appeared on her first, yet disasterous, wedding. "You can do this, Lois," she told herself, clutching her bouquet of roses in her hands. Clark Kent was waiting outside the door at the altar, and she was ecstatic that she was soon to be his wife.

    The wedding march began, and she slowly walked down the aisle, smiling and blushing, matching her steps to the march's tempo as the congregation stood up. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Martha Kent dabbing at her eyes with a tissue. She shifted her focus to the altar, and he…

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  • TomWellingishot

    I've been contemplating whether to leave lately. I doubt if you guys would even give a crap about my decision, but I've been in a tight spot with my parents' recent divorce, learning I have leukemia and I just feel as if everyone is leaving me. It's been really great knowing you, but I've been feeling like shit (pardon my French) lately. If I do decide to leave, I may leave just this wiki, but I really don't know...

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  • TomWellingishot

    I just founded the April Showers Wiki yesterday, and - if you're interested in helping me out with it but haven't seen the movie - I'd recommend renting it from Netflix or something. Either way, I'd appreciate some help making it grow and all that stuff. :) Ok, laterz!

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  • TomWellingishot

    Great news!

    September 15, 2011 by TomWellingishot

    I reported Cloisfan1 to the Wikia Staff (with Special:Contact) and I just got the email saying he's been globally blocked, so we can finally have fun with Wikia without dealing with his crap! :D

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