This story is about Superman facing Zod. It will tell how he got to earth and him discovering the fortress and becoming Superman (Wont be releated to the movie Man of Steel). Here is the preview. I have planned 4 stories so far and may make more. Hope you like it :)


When a Boy named Kal-El is sent to earth by his parents he is founded by two farmers who take him in and name him Clark Kent. After years of growing going through many different Trials he found the Crystal of Knowledge in the Arctic and then used it to make the Fortress of Solitude there he began his training. After 11 years of training and saving people secretly Clark Kent has entered the real world not just a Reporter but as Superman. But now he must face a great threat from the same race as him... Zod

Main Characters –

Clark Kent – Tom Welling

Lois Lane – Erica Durance

Lana Lang – Kristen Kruek

Lex Luthor – Michael Rosenbuam

Lionel Luthor – John Glover

Zod – Michael Shannon

Jonathan Kent – John Schneider

Martha Kent – Annette o’ Toole

Recurring Characters – Disciples of Zod, Police men

Antagonist – Zod and his Disciples

Locations – Smallville, Kent Farm, Metropolis, Daily Planet, Fortress of Solitude, Phantom Zone

Spoilers –

The suit will be the one from Superman Returns

Lana will be married to Lex Luthor

Clark will be in his 25 years old

Lois will be 26 years old

The inside of the Phantom Zone will be a Barren desert filled with rivers of blood to blue suns witch make the colour of the landscape blue as well

Fortress of Solitude will be shown twice in the movie and the inside will look nothing like its Comic book counterpart but more Kryptonian meaning The Console will be in the middle of the fortress surrounded by ice pillars and will NOT have stairs or any artefacts in it

Clark and Zod will have a super-powered fight in Metropolis

Clark uses the following powers in this book: Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Heat Vision, and X-ray vision, Super Hearing, Telescopic Vision, Super Breath, Arctic Breath and Super Leaps

Clark has a flash back of when he Super Leaped on to the roof and then when he was meant to Super Leap to the grain silo he flew into it

Clark defeats Zod’s disciples when they are sent to the fortress to kill him

Clark meets Lois while saving her in Metropolis

Clarks Super Speed while be told in 2 ways; he moves so fast every is frozen and everything is moving as fast as he is

Clark will 1st put on his suit after his training is done and will put on his suit while flying out of the fortress

Clark’s 1st hero outfit is a Black Leather Jacket with an Embossed “S” on the front

Clark’s Final training program in the fortress will be shown as a bunch of Kryptonian words circling Clark

Clark will have the Yellow “S” on his cape like the comics until the 3rd book

Clark will fly towards the Sun in the final words of the book

Clark’s Heat Vision will be fire shooting out from his eyes.

A Cliff hanger at the end of the movie will indicate an Alien being watching Clark

Lionel Luthor dies by Zod’s hand

Lex Luthor is married to Lana Lang and grows a hate for Superman after Zod killed Lionel

Lana leaves Lex at the end of the book

Zod kills Jonathan Kent and almost kills Martha Kent until Clark saves her

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