Hey guys i want to write a new Fanfic but i dont know what to do it about. i need your help please. P.S i am not copying any if i do have the same title i will not have the same ideas.

my ideas are

1) Man of Steel - the plot is Clark Kent in the pilot discovers the fortress and decides to train. 12 years later in 2011 Superman, fly from the sky and began saving people and his legacy will develop over the series.

2) Justice League of America - The founding members from the comics meet in a meeting held by the president and are picked to be the heroic team Justice League. The plot shows how they formed.

3) Aquaman - This fanfic is based on Arthur Curry and is a completly diffrent to Smallville. It will show his Transition from Arthur curry to king of Atlantis. P.S basicly picks off from the un aired pilot.

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