• Theblur56

    Eulogy for Twish

    November 21, 2011 by Theblur56

    I didnt know TWISH well but what happened to her is tragic, people on this wiki told me TWISH was a good, confident and caring person and there was no doubt about that. she had a full life ahead of her. Her friends and family new that she would grow to become someone great. Her friends cared about her, looked after her through thick and thin and would do anything to help her if she needed it. when i first read that this happened i couldnt believe it, she may not of been my friend but i still cared, along with her friends and family. she was lucky to have people to look after her. Rest in Peace Ella, God Bless You.

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  • Theblur56

    Man of Steel

    October 22, 2011 by Theblur56

    This fanfiction is set to have 6 seasons, but if it becomes populer enough then i might make another.

    This fanfiction is about Clark as superman fighting enemies and other stuff like that.

    Main characters:

    Tom Welling - Clark Kent

    Erica Durance - Lois Lane

    Michael Rosunbuem - Lex Luthor

    Aaron Ashmore - Jimmy Olsen

    Guest Stars:

    Micheal Shannon - General Zod

    Anjte Traue - Faora

    Anna Mae Routledge - Livewire

    Brian Austin Green - Metallo

    Russel Crowe - Jor-El

    Diane Lane - Martha Kent

    Kevin Costner - Jonathan Kent (Pilot only)

    Allison Mack - Chloe Sullivan

    Justin Hartley - Oliver Queen

    Brendan Fletcher - Rudy Jones/Parasite

    Kelly Blatz - Zeke Conroy (Made up)

    Malese Jow - Kelly Byron (Made up)

    Nester Carbonell - John Clerk (Made up)

    Serinda Swan - Zatanna Zatara


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  • Theblur56

    My short return

    September 26, 2011 by Theblur56

    Hi guys i decided to come back because I have finished all my assigments and thanks to imperiexseeds inspiring words i have decided to return. Im still not sure if i will be staying or only be here for a short while.

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  • Theblur56

    Final Goodbye

    September 20, 2011 by Theblur56

    My last day here or at least for a while. Goodbye everyone, gonna miss your fanfictions. and once again Goodbye :(

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  • Theblur56

    Leaving - Final decision

    September 19, 2011 by Theblur56

    I have made my final decision and my decision is that i WILL leave. i know none of you care but i thought i would just alert you to this. but i have decided to come back twice every three months or so. Due to me leaving i cannot finish the Superman story. Goodbye

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