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Smallville: Rebirth is a Swedish/American action TV-series about Superman's teenaged clone Superboy.


Main Cast

  • Lucas Grabeel as Superboy - This Superboy is a telekinectic clone of the then dead superhero Superman. Superboy is often reckless and impulsive; a trait that gets him into lots of trouble. Superboy, having to live with the burden of being a fake, non-Kryptonian teenager that demands of the title Superman. Superboy's relationship with Superman is often strained and non-existent; a thing that makes Superboy feel great loneliness, a loneliness somewhat relieved by his new mentor, Steel.
  • - as John Henry Irons/Steel - John Henry Irons is presented as a brilliant weapon engineer for AmerTek Industries who eventually became disgusted when the BG-60, a powerful man portable energy cannon he designed, fell into the wrong hands and was used to kill innocent people, Irons faked his death and eventually came to Metropolis. He later resurfaces as Steel.
  • Jessica Lucas as Tana Moon - A teenage reporter from Hawaii who falls for Superboy.

Recurring Cast


Season One "Reign and Rebirth" (2011-2012)


In Season One, we see Superboy's early adventures in Metropolis after Superman's death. Superboy also has to

Smallville: Rebirth, Season One Poster

deal with the threath of Cyborg Superman and remaining, defect Cadmus Clones of Superman. During Superman's absence, the Clone, or the "Kid" as he's called is a media phenomenon who later meets teenage Hawaiian reporter Tana Moon who mutually falls in love with him. This action-packed season is about Superboy's early adventures and his discovery of his powers.


  • Lucas Grabeel - Superboy
  • Unknown - John Henry Irons/Steel
  • Unknown - Tana Moon
  • Tom Welling - Clark Kent/Superman
  • Michael Rosenbaum - Lex Luthor
  • Erica Durance - Lois Lane
  • Michael McKean - Perry White
  • Aaron Ashmore - Jimmy Olsen


Episode 1 "Rebirth":

Episode 2 "Escape":

Episode 3 "Press":

Episode 4 "Steel":

Episode 5 "Cyborg":

Episode 6 "Last Son":

Episode 7 "Reign of the Supermen, Part 1":

'Episode 8 "'Reign of the Supermen, Part 2":

Episode 9 "Return":

Episode 10 "Ravage":

Episode 11 "Doomsday":

Episode 12 "Lantern":

Episode 13 "Luthor":

Episode 14 "Birthright":

Episode 15 "Cadmus":

'Episode 16 "'Match":

Episode 17 "Redemption":

Episode 18 "Bat":

Episode 19 "Darkest Knight":

Season Two "Heritage" (2012-2013


This season is about Superboy discovering more and more about his Kryptonian Heritage.

Smallville: Rebirth, Season Two Poster


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