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Mister Majestic

Majestic 'is a Swedish/American action/adventure TV-series about the Kheran superhero Mister Majes

My series poster.



Main Cast

  • Tom Welling as Majestros/Mister Majestic/Jim McArest - The egoistic, self-centered Superman of Khera. Majestic's the polar opposite of Superman; He pays way too much attention on his apperance, Is a proud Kheran Warlord and has looser moral-codes and a more free, cut-loose-style of using his powers. But Majestic has a true, heroic heart, just as great and big as Superman's.

more coming soon

Guest Cast

  • Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman
  • Erica Durance as Lois Lane
  • Tom Welling as HotShot/Mac ReShawn - HotShot's the "polar opposite" of Mister Majestic, and is a collected, restrained, cold, calcylating, evil mastermind, who never would use his powers openly. HotShot's mostly dressing in brown jackets and jeans, and is mostly seen in the shadows. HotShot is a extremely serious villain, who considers open and obvious villains stupid and outdated.

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