The story begins right after the Marionette Ventures meeting in Prophecy. Captain Cold is sent out to hunt Impulse (Kyle Gallner) but runs in to many obstacles on the way of killing Impulse. A man begins to foil the Captains plans in superspeed... The man's name... Jay Garrick who recently has stepped out of retirement after hearing reports of a new speedster in Central City... The new home of Bart Allen. With both Cold and Garrick after him he's nowhere to be safe. Bart begins to search after Garrick himself and finally finds him in a corner appartment on West Street. Living with his wife Joan. After a conversation with Garrick they quickly become friends and decide to cooperate to find the strange serial killer who freezes his victims with some kind of freezing ray gun.


Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen/Impulse/Flash

Billy Mitchell as Jay Garrick/Flash

? as Captain Cold/Leo Snart

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