Clark Kent, birth-name Kal-El, the Last Kryptonian.


Kal-El, was born into the royal House of El on the sterile and antiseptic planet Krypton. The people there (Kryptonians) were highly advanced and millennias before the human species of earth. The reason for the Kryptonian Species sterility and uptightness, was caused by thousands and thousands of years of war, which forced them into a almost twisted lack of emotions... Krypton was ruled by the Ruling Council, in which Jor-El was a member in (hence the royal title). Jor-El tried to explain and warn the council about his terrifying discovery of the one material that truly could destroy them all, but, being known for showing actual emotions, the Council sentenced Jor-El to death for displaying emotions and for causing slight disruption, they allowed Jor-El to live one more day... Bitter and terrified, Jor-El teleported to his home, watching the Birthing Matrix, where a little body is... Jor contacted Lara Lor-Van, his wife about Krypton's inpending doom, saying he had a solution... Lara teleported to the room where Jor and Kal were... Jor-El showed Lara the earth, a place reminiscent of Anicent Krypton where Kal could grow up, but Lara refused to send her baby away, as it would break the Kryptonian Laws, but Jor-El soon managed to convince her to agree to send baby Kal away... Jor-El confessed his true feelings for Lara Lor-Van with his last words before sending Kal-El his final goodbyes....

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