This is about Lara Loanna Kent, Daughter of Clark Kent & Lois Lane-Kent and Her experiences in highschool. Kind of a repeat Smallville but with a twist.

Main Cast

  • Megan Fox as Lara Loanna Kent/Cir-El
  • Mason Cook as Jerome Joseph Ken/Kon-El
  • Emma Watson as Starla Geords/Lara's rival
  • KeKe Palmer as Karima Asuru/Lara's best friend
  • Tyrese Gibson as J'Simon Asuru/Karima's father
  • Maggie Q as Alehandra/The main antagonist
  • Rebbeca Gayheart as Brenda Jones
  • Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman/Lara & Jerome's dad.

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