She was my friend. Riex's friend, Nat's friend, Everbody's friend. She was the best admin here. Her name was Elanor Renshaw AKA Tomwellingishot. When she broke up with her abusive boyfriend, Daniel, he bacme bitter and harrassed her on the internet. After awhile it seemed they rekindled, but then he revealed who he was to her and harrassed her some more. Then Proto000 and Sharona began helping him by attacking her friends, Proto000 attcking Riex and Sharona attacking me , OJOLara, and Ollraider.Then she was diagnosed with leukemia and her parents divorced, hurting her more. Then, finally, she left wikia, breaking our hearts. Danny put her in the hospital, and it was thought his threat was over because he was thrown in juvy hall. But then, he urt again somehow, driving her over the edge and killed herself. I loved her, and I miss her. I hope we can try to move on and remeber Twish. She was more than a friend. So much more. She live on through her Father, Mother, Older brother and her boyfriend, Oliver Pretrov. She will be missed deeply.

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