Vital statistics
Alias(es) Zack Quarie
Gender Male
Family General Zod (Father), unnamed mother (deceased), Davis Bloome (brother, Resurrected)
Love Interest Kara Zor-El
Species Kryptonian
Occupation Student at Smallville High
Powers All Kryptonian powers and abilities under a yellow sun
Status Alive
Portrayed by Kelly Blatz

Zack Bloome (Born Kull-Zod of Kandor) is the son of General Zod and his unnamed wife. He was cloned from the hair of Zod's son after Kandor was destroyed.


The original Kull-Zod was the son of Major Zod, who died when Black Zero destroyed Kandor. After being trapped in the Phantom Zone, General Zod found the equipment necessary to clone his son succesfully, and bred him in the Phantom Zone.

After Clark Kent and Oliver Queen's battle in the Phantom Zone, Kull-Zod was able to escape thanks to the rift between dimensions the removal of the crystal created.

Kull-Zod arrived on Earth, now going by Zack Quarie, and attended Smallville High inorder to get close enough to Conner Kent, to forge a new Kandorian Army to overthrow the planet. Along the way he met Kara Zor-El, whom he forged a strong bond with.

After Conner rejected his offer, he knew he would not be able to defeat Conner, Kara and Clark alone, so he used the fortress to revive his half-brother, Davis Bloome.

The duo released their father and fought House of El in a battle which destroyed most of Metropolis.


Kull-Zod has all the abilities of a Kryptonian under a yellow sun, but as he is new to the power the yellow sun grants him, he is only able to control some of his abilities, and has not aquired the rest.

Abilities he has learned.

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Invulnerability
  • Flight
  • Heat Vision
  • Super Breath

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