mini-series depicting Clark Kent's life after defeating Darkseid. I wanted to give sort of a real world perpesctive as to how Superman would be introduced for this series. Most likely will only be 10 episodes long with only one season, but depending on how things go I might do a second season. Will be written alongside New Beginning and Vengeance,

May not have as much action as New Beginning, because I took a different stance wih this one, we had 10-years of a Clark Kent that need not concern himself with laws, because he wasn't out in the open. But now that Superman is a recognizable figure, he doesn't have that privilidge. This one is definitely a lot more political, because Clark now has to chose between truly standing for the truth, justice and (what is now) the american way as opposed to what he believes is right.

Plot Summary

Clark Kent has finnally fuflilled his destiny and revealed himself to the world as Superman, the earth's newest and greatest champion. However, what he though would be a peaceful transition into his new life, turns out to be quite the odyssey itself. His sudden rise to fame brings forth a new threat which could destroy the entire earth.


  • Clark Kent/Superman - Tom Welling
  • Lois Lane - Erica Durance
  • Lex Luthor - Michael Rosenbaum
  • Jimmy Olsen (age 15) - Ryan Harder
  • Perry White - MIchael McKean
  • Cat Grant - Keri Lynn Pratt

Guest Appearences

  • Martha Kent - Anette O'Tole
  • Conner Kent - Lucas Gabreel
  • Justice League (each member)
  • Batman/Bruce Wayne - Jamie Bamber
  • Princess Diana - Adrianne Palicki
  • Slade Wilson - Michael Hogan
  • Winslow Schott/Toyman - Chris Gautheir
  • Brendan Fletcher - Rudy Jones
  • David Patkeua - Dan Turpin


Episode 1 "Inquiry": The Earth has been saved, and Metropolis wants to know who there new Man of Steel really is. Perry White returns to Metropolis. Trouble arises when Tess Mercer is found dead in her LuthorCorp office.

Episode 2 "Incoming": Emil warns Clark of a Large land mass headed for Earth. When Clark reaches the mass, he learns it's not what he thought it was.

Episode 3 "Bounty": While in Metropolis, Clark is attacked by a Bount Hunter known as Lobo. After a brief conflict, Clark learns Lobo has kidnapped Lois.

Episode 4 "Warlord": After agreeing to Lobo's terms, Clark boards the Warship orbiting Earth. Lois contacts Conner and ask him to help.

Episode 5 "Away": Clark is trapped aboard Mongol's warship. Conner has to find a way to follow Clark into space. Lois

Episode 6 "

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