Smallville Prequel, about Jor-El's life as he became aware of Krypton's impending doom.


  • Jor-El - Julian Sands
  • Lara El - Helen Slater
  • Kara Zor-El - Laura Vandervoort
  • Zor-El - Christopher Heyerdhal
  • J'onn J'onnz - Phil Morris
  • Lar Gand - Robbie Amel
  • General Zod - Callum Blue
  • Faora - Sharon Taylor
  • Alia - Monique Ganderton
  • Basquat - Adrian Holmes
  • Brainiac - James Marsters
  • Kal-El - ??
  • Jonathan Kent - John Schneider
  • Martha Kent - Anette O'Tole


Episode 1 "Warning": While investigating recent seismic activity, Jor-El learns something that put's Krypton's future at stake.

Episode 2 "Conflict": Jor-El confronts the council on his find. Zod ask Jor-El for a dangerous favor.

Episode 3 "Framed": When one of the members of the science council is found dead, all hands point to Jor-El. J'onn J'onnz, an intergalactic bounty hunter, seeks Jor-El, with a warrant for his arrest.

Episode 4 "Kandor": On the run, Jor-El seeks refuge with his brother Zor-El in Kandor. However, Jor-El learns Zor-El is playing a dangerous game.

Episode 5 "Calculations": Hoping to find away to save Krypton, Jor-El consults the Brain Interactive Construct. However Krypton's super computer has it's own secrets.

Episode 6 "Maternity": While locked down in his house, Lara begins to go into labor. Zod and his wife, Faora, develop a plan to attack Earth.

Episode 7 "Message": Jor-El sends Lar Gand, a disciple of his from Daxam, to deliver a message to an Earth couple. When Basquat attacks, Lar Gand has to fight to escape.

Episode 8 "Construct": Jor-El has to break into the Science Council's anex inorder to steal the Warp Crystal, inorder to finish a project.

Episode 9 "Bizare": Jor-El has to deal with The Bizarro Phantom, after it invades his and Lara's home.

Episode 10 "Countdown": Zor-El initiates his final plan toward Krypton's destruction. Zod and Faora attempts at killing Jor-El. Jor-El finishes construction on his "project". Brain.I.A.C. attempts at escape.

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