A one shot tie-in to my new beginning series telling the tale of Conner's greatest nemisis.


  • Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superboy - Tom Welling
  • Laurie Lemmon - Kristin Kreuk
  • Naomi Kent - Anette O'Tole
  • Jerald Kent - John Schneider
  • Jor-El - Julian Sands
  • Lara-El - Helan Slater
  • Alexander Luthor - Lucas Gabreel
  • Kal-L/Superman - Tom Welling
  • Lois Lane - Erica Durance


In an alternatve universe where super-heroes are comic book fiction, an infant alien boy is transported from his evaporating homeworld Krypton, to Earth. Raised as Clark Kent, the boy embraces his alien heritage and models himself after his comic book hero, the iconic Superman. As his universe begins to crumble around him, the boy finds himself in the middle of tough decisions that could affect all of reality.