Riley Voltri
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Vital statistics
Alias(es) Riley Van Horne
Gender Male
Family Kyle and Mika Voltri (Parents, deceased) John and Elizabeth Van Horne (Foster parents)
Love Interest Tana Moon (former)
Species Skinwalker
Occupation Student
Powers Ability to become a werewolf like being
Status Alive
Portrayed by Shannon Kook-Chun
Riley Van Horne (Born Riley Voltri) is a member of the Skinwalker tribe, and nemesis of Conner Kent.


Riley was born to two natives of the Skinwalker tribe, Kyle and Mika Voltri, who were killed after being brutally executed by members of the Skinwalker tribe due to crimes against humanity.

Riley spent his childhood isolated in the Smallville wilderness, training and developing his abilities, to the point where he became superior to other members of his tribe.

Riley intergrated himself with the Smallville community when he was adopted by John and Elizabeth Van Horne. He entered Smallville High where he met Boomer, a super-strong metahuman who would become his bestfriend, and formed the Underground crew.

After members of the Underground were brutally beaten by other students, Riley and Boomer and several others procedded to strike back, but thier attempts were stopped by Conner Kent, Marcus Brown and Dawn Nova.

Riley escaped before he could be incarcerated, but was later defeated by Superman.

After two years in Belle Reeve, Riley returned to Smallville when he heard of the arrival of Tana Moon, a former friend of his from the Skinwalker tribe, who was banished as she had not acquired any morphing abilities.


Riley has the normal abilities of a Skinwalker, but has been able to increase his powers to levels highly above other members of his tribe.

Shapeshifting - Riley has the ability to morph into a werewolf like being, as well as the normal wolf form. When he morphss into his werewolf form, he becomes 7 feet tall, grows hair around his body, and grows razor sharp claws and teeth. As he shapeshifts he aqcuires several abilities.

  • Super Strength - Riley gains super-human strength upon transformation into his werewolf form. He is strong enough to hurt beings such as Conner Kent, but not high-tire beings such as Clark Kent.
  • Super Speed - Riley's speed level increases incredibly, to the point where he can dissapear quickly.
  • Durability - Riley's durability increases to the point where he can survive hits from Conner Kent.
  • Razor-sharp Claws and Teeth- Riley's claws and teeth are strong enough to rip through metal, and help him dig into the ground as he runs. They are sharp enough to climb up walls.
  • Super Senses - Riley's sense of smell and sight increases to superb levels.

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