Marcus Brown
Carlos knight
Vital statistics
Alias(es) None
Gender Male
Family Elijah Brown (Father), Katherine Brown (Mother), Amanda Waller (Aunt)
Love Interest Dawn Nova
Species Human
Occupation Student
Powers Teleportation

Nanobot enhancement: Super Strength, Durability, Energy Absorbtion

Status Alive
Portrayed by Carlos Knight
Marcus Brown is a metahuman from Smallville.


Marcus Brown was born to Elijah and Katherine Brown. He was born and raised in Detroit, but was moved to Smallville, as his abnormalities presented a challenge for his parents.

Through his childhood he learned to enhance his abilities to points where he can teleport things from small objects, to people along with him.

As he entered Smallville High he was invited by Boomer to join the Underground. He later invited Conner Kent to join. After he and Dawn helped Conner to stop Boomer from commiting murder, he was asked by Principle Franklin to join a team of young heroes to protect Smallville High.

He was later kidnapped by his distant aunt, Amanda Waller, and was given nanobots, which granted him several abilities, and allowed her to use him as a thought-less weapon against Conner Kent. He was later saved, but still had his abilities.


At first Marcus's abilities included.

  • Teleportation - Marcus can send his matter, as well as others, to several locations without the need for movement.
  • Martial Arts - Marcus is extremely gifted in several forms of Martial Arts.

After the nanobot infection he recieved.

  • Super Strength - The nanos in his muscles increase his strength to titanic proportions.
  • Enhanced durability - The nanos in his skin cause it to become more dense.
  • Energy Absorbtion - The nanos in his skin can absorb energy and electric waves.

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