Dawn Gaines
Vital statistics
Alias(es) Dawn Nova
Gender Female
Family Mother, Father, Justin Gaines (Brother)
Love Interest Marcus Brown
Species Human
Occupation Student
Powers Telekinesis, Telepathy
Status Alive
Portrayed by Caitlyn Taylor Love

Dawn Gaines is a metahuman teenager from Smallvlle.


The sister of Justin Gaines, she was caught in the accident that gave her brother his Telekenitic abilities, and gained Telekentic and Telepathic abilities.

She lived a quiet life after her brother's accident and incarceration, and tried to seperate herself from her family, as he caused them to feel disdain for superhuman abilities.

She ran away from home, and began calling herself Dawn Nova, and tried to supress her powers to avoid being revealed as a meta-human. She learned to accept her abilities after meeting Marcus Brown, who would become her best friend.

After joining the Underground crew, she helped Conner Kent and Marcus Brown stop Boomer's murder attempt on a group of teenagers who attacked a memeber of the crew. She was recruited by Principal Reynolds to be apart of a tema of metahumans that protects Smallville.


Dawn gained these abilties.

  • Telekenisis - Dawn can move matter with her mind.
  • Telepathy - Dawn can communicate with other people's minds, and can read thoughts and memories.

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