Alexander Luthor
006HOSFCM Jesse Spencer 017
Vital statistics
Alias(es) LX-15
Gender Male
Family Lex Luthor (Genetic template, father), Clark Kent (genetic template), Conner Kent (genetic equal, brother), Lena Luthor (sister).
Love Interest None
Species Human-Kryptonian clone
Occupation LexCorp Shareholder
Powers None.
Status Alive
Portrayed by Lucas Grabeel (age 15-16)

Jesse Spencer (age 24-25)

Alexander Luthor is the genetic clone of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent, as well as the powerless counterpart of Conner Kent.



Alexander age 14.

Alexander was genetically engineered to be an organ donor for Lex Luthor. He was later found by Tess Mercer and adopted. He aged quickly and soon developed super-human abilities and it was discovered he was a kryptonain-human hybrid and began going by the name Conner Kent.

Alexander had not dissapeared entirely, but instead was supressed by Conner's Kryptonian side. After several attempts at reconquering his body, he failed.

Later he was released from Conner Kent's body with the use of Black Kryptonite. Alexander found Lex Luthor, who adopted him as his son, but eventually double-crossed him.


Alexander at age 24.

Being a Luthor, Alexander had a natural envy for the Kents, specifically Conner, who he believes prevented him from the life he could have had. He attempted to overlook the group and accepted a possible friendship and the chance at family when he met Lena, the clone of Lex Luthor's sister Tess Mercer.

Alexander gained an obsession with Krypton, being half-Kryptonian, but without the powers. While tresspassing the Fortress he discovered the Multi-box, a variation of the motherbox which allowed the user to travelt to more than one dimension. He arrived in a world where Lex Luthor was dead, and quickly began ressurecting the Luthor name as CEO of LuthorCorp.

He came back to Earth after 8 years, where he reunited with Conner and Lena, who had not aged due to their placement in suspended animation.

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