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  • NatDuv

    Turns out they're coming out with thier own comic book series, definitely looking forward to that.

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  • NatDuv

    Alexander Luthor

    November 21, 2011 by NatDuv

    Alexander Luthor is the genetic clone of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent, as well as the powerless counterpart of Conner Kent.

    Alexander was genetically engineered to be an organ donor for Lex Luthor. He was later found by Tess Mercer and adopted. He aged quickly and soon developed super-human abilities and it was discovered he was a kryptonain-human hybrid and began going by the name Conner Kent.

    Alexander had not dissapeared entirely, but instead was supressed by Conner's Kryptonian side. After several attempts at reconquering his body, he failed.

    Later he was released from Conner Kent's body with the use of Black Kryptonite. Alexander found Lex Luthor, who adopted him as his son, but eventually double-crossed him.

    Being a Luthor, Alexander had a …

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  • NatDuv

    Smallville: Ultimatum

    November 15, 2011 by NatDuv

    mini-series depicting Clark Kent's life after defeating Darkseid. I wanted to give sort of a real world perpesctive as to how Superman would be introduced for this series. Most likely will only be 10 episodes long with only one season, but depending on how things go I might do a second season. Will be written alongside New Beginning and Vengeance,

    May not have as much action as New Beginning, because I took a different stance wih this one, we had 10-years of a Clark Kent that need not concern himself with laws, because he wasn't out in the open. But now that Superman is a recognizable figure, he doesn't have that privilidge. This one is definitely a lot more political, because Clark now has to chose between truly standing for the truth, jus…

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  • NatDuv

    Hello fellow users, I'm sure you have heard of the recent death of former user TomWellingIsHot, her real name Ella. The reason for this was the constant abuse and cyberbullying she suffered from former user Cloisfan1, his real name Danny.

    Ella was a dedicated user, as well as a brilliant author and very kind-hearted and mature person. She contributed to this wiki more than most of us, and befriended most of us. She was also a member of the V.S.T.F., the Volunteer Spam Task Force, a group dedicated to stopping cyberbullying and spam across the wikis. In honor of her work and commitment, and to prevent this from happening again, I ask that each of us join thisVolunteer Spam Task Force and finish what she started. I'd also like to thank those …

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  • NatDuv


    October 30, 2011 by NatDuv

    Spin-off of the Smallville: A New Beginning episode "Revenge". Follows Andrea Rojas life after Smallville. Theme is "Hear Me Now" by Hollywood Undead.

    • Andrea Rojas/Angel of Vengeance - Andrea is the newest reporter for Empire State newspaper. She was born in Venezuela, but moved to Mexico as a child to live with her father, who was a professor. As a teenager she moved to Metropolis, Kansas. While coming home from a track meet, she was brutally stabbed, while her mother was murdered. She survived due to a heart transplant, but the donor's heart was Kryptonite infected. This granted her powers that helps her fight crime. While in college got an internship at the Daily Planet and began patroling Metropolis as the Angle of Vengeance. She moved ag…

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