Okay everyone, I'm almost done with my Alliance - LTO series, there's only one season left. :(

I won't actually publish the episodes for this one until that one is finished, but I can give you a sneek peak!

~This series takes place in the year 2050 (long time from now) It is WWIII and all of the League members died in the pre-war, with the exception of Bruce Wayne. The only heroes that are left are their former sidekicks, partners and proteges... The Titans! The Titans are a team but they are very dysfunctional. Bruce is determined to encourage them to carry on in the work of the League, and to bring the teeam back together so that they can give hope to people of this new generation.

  • Although I called this a series it is a short series. It won't be as long as my other one.
  • This series can be considered a flashback series as most, if not all episodes, will have flashbacks


Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne

Lucas Gabriel as Conner Kent/Superman

Aaron Ashmore as Dick Grayson/Batman (Sorry Henry Olsen fans)

Shia Labeouf as Wally West/Flash

Selena Gomez as Kimberly Lance/Silver Siren (daughter of Black Canary and Warrior Angel)

Tahj Mowry as Kaldur`ahm/Aquaman

Nathan Kress as Roy Queen/Arsenal (Son of Oliver and Chloe)

Ashley Tisdale as Artemis (Wonder Woman's niece)

Episode 1 - Pilot

Episode 2 - Superman

Episode 3 - Impulse

Episode 4 - Canary

Episode 5: Arrow

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