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Okay... Since Everyone has their take on a Smallville Season 11 and/or 12, Here's my spin on a spinoff series...

{C}This series follows the events of the Smallville Series Finale in the year 2018, and the story is told from Chloe Sullivan's point of view. While Superman is the world's greatest hero and the world is begining to accept the Justice League, Chloe is at the top of her game. She has been married to Oliver Queen for 7 years, they have 1 son, She is the CEO of Queen communications, and she is the "sidekick" to the Man of Steel! After facing some heavy trials we see the League become the team of heroes that they were meant to be.

  • Although I've completed the series I am open to all suggestions
  • There was a problem transfering my pictures for season 4. Season 5 should display photos.
  • I am only displaying two seasons at a time. Currently ~ Season 6 & Season 7 (Part 1)


Alliance Opening Credits01:02

Alliance Opening Credits

Alliance: Leagues of Their Own ~ Opening Credits

Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan/Watchtower (Sparrow later in Series)

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman

Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang/Wrath

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer/Mercy

Gil Bellows as Maxwell Lord/Black King


Erica Durance as Lois Lane

Phil Morris as John Jones/Martian Manhunter

Alaina Huffman as Dinah Lance/Black Canary

Alan Ritchson as Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Lee Thompson Young as Victor Stone/Cyborg

Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen/Impulse

Serinda Swan as Zatanna

Adrianne Palicki as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Britt Ivering as Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl

Micheal Shanks as Carter Hall/Hawkman

  • Various Recurring/Surprise Villians & Allies

  • SEASON 6*
'Image ' 'Title ' 'Witer(s) ' 'Director(s) ' 'Airdate ' '# '
''Psych'' 'Writer: ' 'Director:' 'None' '#033 301 '
'Chloe returns to Gotham only to discover that the city is in turmoil. She encounters a therapist Dr. HArleen Quinzel, who has a few secrets of her own. dr. Fate begins to see not so friendly visions, and everyone begins to see them.
Sv 10x11icarushdmkv 002037993
''General'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#034 302 '
General Slade Wilson returns and members of the JLA begin to disappear. Oliver and Chloe realize that they are being experimented on. The two team up with Dinah to save them.
''Labyrinth'' 'Writer:' 'Director: ' 'None' '#035 303 '
When Chloe mysteriously ends up in Alaska, she discovers that she has a long-lost sister named Stephanie, who happens to know a lot about her and her team.
''Naive'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#036 304 '
When Stephanie tags along with Helena on a mission they almost end up dead, but Selina saves them expecting a favor in return.
X09patriothdmkv 000169836
''Royal'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#037 305 '
When Arthur's kingdom begins to get attacked by Black Manta, he orders his brother to take care of his Wife and children, but he has a few plans for them of his own. Superman, Aquaman, and Batman team up to save Alantis
X01odyssey720pbluraymkv 000270061
''Epiphany'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#038 306 '
Clark believes he has a brilliant idea, but Oliver questions it when he and Lois are almost killed. He, Dinah, and Arthur discover that a new villian, Epiphany, is using people's own ideas to kill them, and they must stop him.
The-dark-knight-20080626110537677 640w
''Pathogen'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#039 307 '
When Bruce takes Damian to work , he gets caught ina an experiment that causes him to age at anaccelerated rate. He and Lucious Fox try to reverse the affects, but they are unssuccessful. Lex agrees to help on one condition... Bruce must reveal his secret.
X09pandorabluraymkv 000286744
''Solar'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#040 308 '
Lex launces Zod's inproved Solar Tower and Clark is rendered powerless. Doomsday resurfaces and wreaks havoc while Faora antagonizes Lois and Kara. Clark calls on his friends for help which leaves others vulnerable to Darkseid's Persuassion.
Pandora 521
''Resistence'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None ' '#041 309 '
Lex, Zod, Doomsday, and Davis are led by Darkseid in corrupting and reaking havoc in the world. With Clark, Kara, and Conner powerless, Chloe takes matters into her own hands. She calls in the JLA, JSA, the Legion and the Suicide Squad to save the world. This is all on the eve of Bruce and Lana's Wedding.
Smallville616 399
''Eternal'' 'Writer:' 'Director:' 'None' '#042 310 '
Bruce and Lana prepare to spend the rest of their lives together after the events of Dark Thursday 2024. The League finally gets a breather and everyone is able to enjoy the wedding and reception. After having his powers restored and destroying the Solar towers Clark discovers that the Apokolips isn't over.
''Prophecy'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#043 311 '
Oliver and Chloe return to Star City and they encounter Armand and Amanda, twins with strong spiritual beliefs. When they take the twins under their wing, they are informed that the war will be tough, but the team will be victorious, and there willbe brighter days.
Idol 302
''Champion'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#044 312 '
Zan and Jayna resurface and they begin to save lives publicly. They quickly become known as the Wonder Twins. Chloe discovers that Nick Wright, scam artist, is trying to become their publicity manager, and use them for the wrong reasons. She and Clark must save the two.
''Reverb'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#045 313 '
'Black Canary loses her powers and is captured by Lady Shiva. Barbara and Helena enlist Stephanie in helping them to save their friend.
''Barrier'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#046 314 '
'Toyman abducts members of the justice League one-by-one. He imprisons each of them in a toybox that prevents them from using their powers. It is up to Chloe to save the whole team.
400 (2)
''Justice'' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None ' '#047 315 '
'Lex Luthor and Davis Bloome are empeached, but they still want revenge on the Justice League. The League must come togetherin an epic battle against the Legion of Doom.
''*Alliance* '' 'Writer: ' 'Director: ' 'None' '#048 316 '
'Chloe steps her game up and rallies all the heroes together for a summit at the new Hall of Justice in Washington D.C.. Bruce is moved into office as President with Emil as his Vice. While Bruce is honoring the League as public servicemen The Key Crime Syndicate decides to crash the party.


''''Image '''' ''''Title '''' ''''Witer(s) '''' ''''Director(s) '''' ''''Airdate '''' ''''# ''''
Chekmate agency222
"Checkmate" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director:'''' ''''None'''' ''''#033 301 ''''
Amanda Waller uses the Key Crime Syndicate as pawns for her next move against the Justice League. She has them cornered until a hero from the future returns.
"Notation" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#034 302 ''''
'Clark asks Chloe for help when Metallo develops a kryptonite bomb. When Chloe has problems defusing it, Barbara is the only person that can save Superman!
X15fortunehdmkv 000045670
"Outlet" ''''Writer:'''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#035 303 ''''
'Chloe, Lois, Lana, and Tess go on a "Girl's Night Out." They find themselves in a lab where Lex is taking the ablities of metahumans to create a superhuman that can take down the League. Bart saves the girls, but the "project" gets away.
X22doomsdaybluraymkv 002034113
"Homecoming... Homegoing" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#036 304 ''''
'Chloe and Oliver return to Metropolis for a reunion, but the home team encounters the villians that changed their lives. While they go uo against these villians Tess gets trapped inside Lexcorp, and she never comes out.
"Conspiracy" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#037 305 ''''
'Bruce and Lana return to Gotham after the reunion and they discover that Selina has kidnapped Helena and Damian. The two decide that the only way to save them is to becoming Batman and Wrath again. Harley Quinn also has plans for Helena.
X22doomsdaybluraymkv 001297795
"Mortal" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#038 306 ''''
'Aquaman and Cyborg discover Davis Bloome lying in a field of various kryptonite. Chloe uses her database to learn that he has been there for months and that the meteor rocks have stripped him of his powers. When Clark comes in contact with Davis he loses his powers temporarily.
"Isis" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#039 307 ''''
'When clark returns to Metropolis he finds that Lois has been captured by Mxyzptlk and he has a hard time finding her. Museum curator Adrianna returns, but this time she has a few powers of her own.
"Sacred" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#040 308 ''''
'After an encounter with their new ally, Priest, the league is remind of how sacred their responsibiliies are.Thier faith is tested when Bart has a near - death experience.
"Abort" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None '''' ''''#041 309 ''''
'Barbara sends Helena and Dinah on a missionn, but the two are captured Lady Shiva and Silver Banshee. When Barbara and Stephanie attempt to save them they discover that Shiva has big plans for the Birds of Prey.
"Mastermind" ''''Writer:'''' ''''Director:'''' ''''None'''' ''''#042 310 ''''
'Lex pays Bruce a visit at the White House and he unleashes a toxin that will kill everyone in three hours. Bruce must use a new technology to go inside Lex's mind and figure out how to stop him.
"Joining" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#043 311 ''''
'Martian Manhunter pays Chloe a visit and he reveals that there is an alien invasion on the way. Chloe and Oliver travel to Washington, D.C. to warn Bruce, but when they arrive the three discover that the toxin Lex released actually reegineered Braniac, and that he is preparing the way for the Joining.
"Ares" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#044 312 ''''
'Clark and Lois discover that Braniac is back. Braniac tells Clark that the Joining is coming. Clark and Lois travel to the fortress to egineer a program to stop the Braniac when they discover that he is using Watchtower's Database to shut down satellites. Stargirl and Cyborg are the only ones that can slow down the process.
"Coverage" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#045 313 ''''
Zatanna pays Bruce and Lana a visit, but when the three go out for a night of fun the end up in the middle of a hostage situation. When the three are rescued by Dick and Damian, Bruce officially passes the mantles og Batman and Robin to the two.
"Titans" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#046 314 ''''
The sidekicks of the heroes get tired of being sent on easy missions and they request a challenge. When they prove that they can handle the challenge, Chloe initiates the Titans division.
"Implode" ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None '''' ''''#047 315 ''''
Clark & Lois, Bruce & Lana, and Oliver & Chloe all get into heated arguments on how to handle the coming invasion. The Justice League begins to fall a part as a result and the World enters into a state of panic.
"*Explode* " ''''Writer: '''' ''''Director: '''' ''''None'''' ''''#048 316 ''''
In the Mid-Season Finale The team continues to disagree, but meanwhile Lex and Davis resurfaces. The two men devise a plan to kidnap and kill Lois, Lana and Chloe. The team sets aside their differences to get the girls back, but Superman has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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