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    JLA - Legacy

    August 15, 2011 by Justice is Crucial

    Okay everyone, I'm almost done with my Alliance - LTO series, there's only one season left. :(

    I won't actually publish the episodes for this one until that one is finished, but I can give you a sneek peak!

    ~This series takes place in the year 2050 (long time from now) It is WWIII and all of the League members died in the pre-war, with the exception of Bruce Wayne. The only heroes that are left are their former sidekicks, partners and proteges... The Titans! The Titans are a team but they are very dysfunctional. Bruce is determined to encourage them to carry on in the work of the League, and to bring the teeam back together so that they can give hope to people of this new generation.

    • Although I called this a series it is a short series. It wo…
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    Okay... Since Everyone has their take on a Smallville Season 11 and/or 12, Here's my spin on a spinoff series...

    {C}This series follows the events of the Smallville Series Finale in the year 2018, and the story is told from Chloe Sullivan's point of view. While Superman is the world's greatest hero and the world is begining to accept the Justice League, Chloe is at the top of her game. She has been married to Oliver Queen for 7 years, they have 1 son, She is the CEO of Queen communications, and she is the "sidekick" to the Man of Steel! After facing some heavy trials we see the League become the team of heroes that they were meant to be.

    • Although I've completed the series I am open to all suggestions
    • There was a problem trans…

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