Clark has finally accepted his destiny as earth's savior, Superman!


Episode 1 "Destiny": Clark deals with what its like to be a hero when he's not in the shadows. Lois decides they should keep their relationship on the downlow for now because he has stepped into the light. Oliver searches for the reason why he was able to defeat the prophets so easilly. Clark worries that maybe his victory over Apokolips was too easy. Lex struggles to understand how he lost his memory.

Episode 2 "Sins" Lex reclaims control of Luthorcorp and changes its name to Lexcorp. Oliver is worried because he can't get a hold of Tess so he confronts Lex. Superman investigates a string of crimes that seem to be connected. Lois is having a hard time dealing with her new job because she doesn't get to see Clark as much. Oliver demands to know what Lex did with Tess. Lex says that she died in a car accident. Oliver is escorted out by security but before they can drag him out he says I know you killed her and I will prove it. And Lex replies why would think I was capable of that? Oliver realizes something isn't right with Lex.

Episode 3 "Manhunter": The crimes that Superman are investigating get worse and he meets with Martian Manhunter to ask him whats going on. Jon says he doesn't know bu every time he tries to investigate as a detective he gets a lot of resistance. Superman and Jonn go to follow up on some leads. Lois gets a letter from Jimmy's little brother but before she can open someone runs down the halway and says, "Bruno Manheim was released from prison yesterday." She lays the letter on her mess of a desktop and calls Clark to tell him the news about Manheim. Once Clark realizes Manheim is out Jon and him put 2 and 2 together. They realize Manheim starting up his crime ring again. Lex is searching for a way to get his memory back but without much luck. In the end of the episode Jonn realizes that he can't do everything he needs to do as a detective, so he decides to adopt a superhero persona of his own.

Episode 4 "Regret": Chloe comes to town and meets with Lois. Chloe tells her that she can't find Oliver and that she's worried. Lois tries to help, but she is so swamped with work that Chloe realizes there isn't much she can do. Chloe goes to Clark who says that Oliver was searching for Tess the last time he saw him. Clark says he was so busy that he had forgotten to help Oliver. Clark, of course, thinks this is his fault. Chloe is finally able to locate him using Watchtower's system. Superman flies to meet Oliver who is sitting on abeach remembering his good times with Mercy. He is deeply saddened but quickly composes himself when he sees Clark flying towards him. Clark and him talk about Tess and Clark finally convinces Oliver to return. Oliver states that he will bring Lex down. He won't get away with this. Clark is worried about Oliver because he has seen what a thirst for revenge has done to him.

Episode 5 "Alliance": Lex is searching his files and comes across a person who might be able to help him regain his memory. He is angry when he finds out that he is in prison. But he doesn't give up he goes to Strykers and visits none other than Winslow Schott. Toyman agrees to help Lex. At a cost. Lois and Clark are extremelly surprised to hear Perry White has taken the job as Editor and Chief. He calls them up to his office and tells them he wanted to be where the action is, and he is going to expect a lot from them. Toyman fashions a breastplate powered by kryptonite that should slowly help him regain his memory. Lex is impatient and says that he didn't break him out of prison for this. Toyman states that he will find a way to accelerate the process, but this is just the first step.

Episode 6 "Family": Conner comes to Metropolis for winter break and stays with Clark and Lois. Clark and Lois are stressed because they have to deal him while they work overtime trying to impress Perry who is quite a taskmaster. Then Lois finally reads the letter Jimmy's younger brother sent her and finds out that he's coming to town to try to intern at the Daily Planet tomorrow. Meanwhile Conner is kidnapped by persons unknown and Clark races to find him. Jimmy's younger brother investigates and finds out that person used kryptonite to subdue him. Meanwhile Conner is interogated by woman. She asks him to join their group. He refuses. Jimmy discovers where they are holding him and goes by himself to try and prove himself to Clark. Jimmy is captured by the woman revealed to be Plastique. Superman uses his super hearing to find them and flies in and quickly takes Jimmy and Conner to safety. He comes back and asks Plastique why she did it. She replies I wanted him to join us. Superman says I will find Flag. And Plastique replies Flag isn't the one in charge anymore. And then she uses Kryptonite to escape. Conner returns and rescues Clark from the Kryptonite. Jimmy goes to the planet and turns in some photos he took before he was captured. Perry tells him he's too young, but when he comes of age he will always be welcome.

Episode 7 "Retaliation": Clark has been trying to avoid Lex because he is afraid he will trigger a memory. But Cyborg comes to town and tells Clark that Oliver is trying so hard to expose Lex that he's losing himself. Chloe is also in town trying to convince Oliver to come home with her to Star City. He won't listen because he is so blinded by rage. He goes to meet Lex and knocks out the security guards and hits Lex. Lex has regained enough of his memory to remember his early childhood with Oliver. Lex says "I could easilly have you thrown in jail, but for old times sake if you leave now I won't press charges". Oliver is about to hit him again, but Cyborg appears and stops him. Oliver attempts to fight him but Cyborg convinces him to leave. Back at Watchtower Clark, Lois, Chloe, and Cyborg try to calm Oliver. Oliver is at first furious, but soon is brought to extreme sadness. He says,"She didn't deserve to die, Clark." With the combined forces of Clark, Lois, Chloe, and Cyborg, they convince him to go back to Star City with Chloe after the funeral, and let Clark deal with Lex. Clark, Lois, Oliver, Chloe, and Cyborg attend Tess's funeral. And in the last scene Oliver glances at Lex.

Episode 8 "Suicide": The Mayor of Metropolis is assassinated and Clark flies to the scene. He investigates and finds no leads. Later Lois finds out that in the coroner's report the bullet had the mayor's name on it. Clark instantly recognizes it as Deadshot's trademark. Superman tracks him down to an abandoned warehouse where Deadshot shoots him in the shoulder with a kryptonite bullet. Rick Flag appears and beats on him just for kicks. (pun intended) Clark asks what he wants. Rick says he wants revenge for those years Chloe blackmailed them into helping her, but someone higher up wants something else. Deadshot leans down and takes a sample of his blood and puts it in a vial. They leave him there in agony, but Lois finds him using a lead from a source. She take him to Dr. Hamilton and he removes the bullet just in time. Superman searches for them but he can't find them. In the last scene it shows the squad in a checkered room waiting for someone. A woman walks in and is revealed to be an alive Amanda Waller (her hair is shorter) She says by order of the Preident the Black Op organization Checkmate is reinstated. Congratulations. You are the lucky few. You get to do what other agents aren't allowed to think about. Welcome to the Suicide Squad.

Episode 9 "Fate": Zatanna comes to town and tells Clark that there are some mysterious mystical disturbances occuring all over the world and she has tracked the source to the JSA brownstone. She asks Clark for some backup. They go to investigate and find a woman holding the Helmet of Nabu. Zatanna tries to get her to put it down, but the woman won't so Zatanna attacks. Surprisingly the woman easily defeats Clark, and she eventually defeats Zatanna. Once Clark and Zatanna recover they trace the woman down to a grave yard and they see the woman emitting some energy from her hands through the helet and consuming a grave. They try to stop her, but she puts a forcefield around herself. Superman and Zatanna watch in amazement as Kent Nelson rises from the dead. He puts the helmet on his head and says, "Do not be alarmed". Clark says how is this possible? Dr. Fate replies, " I told my wife Inza that if a suitable replacement was not found for the helmet that she needed to bring me back. Because there must always be a Dr. Fate. And there must always be a balance. Clark and Dr. Fate catch up. And Inza apologizes to Zatanna. Zatanna asks that Inza teach her some of her powers. Inza agrees.

Episode 10 "Kneel": General Zod and his two followers are able to escape their suspended animation and find their way to Earth. Zod, of course, immediatelly begins plotting his revenge on Superman. Zod has his followers spy on Clark at the planet and discovers that his old "friend" Lex is alive. (Major Zod bonded with the General Zod wraith so he has all the memories of possessing Lex) General Zod sets out to search for someone to help him defeat Clark. He finds out that Faora and his creation was buried deap beneath the Earth. He pays a visit to Lex, but soon finds out that Lex has no memory of his past. Zod says that he will help him gain his entire memory back if he will help him di something up. Lex discovers that the kryptonite that powers his breastplate weakens Zod. He captures Zod and has his Scientists experiment on him because he doesn't trust him. Zod's followers disregard their need to remain anonomys and start trying to find their leader. They attack Lexcorp and Superman shows up and after a major battle he defeats them. He imprisons the in the fortress temporarily until he figures out what to do with them. Lex makes a call to the person experimenting on Zod who turns out to be Toyman. Toyman says that they've made a fascinating discovery. Lex says, "I want to know everything".

Episode 11 "New Krypton Part 1": Clark is still stressed out about the recent attack by the kryptonians. (The rogue kryptonians told him nothing about Zod coming with him) Lois tries to get Clark to relax, but that is short lived when Martian Manhunter contacts him and tells him that he needs to see him right away. Superman meets MM hovering above the Daily Planet. MM says, "It's always something isn't it"? Clark says whats happened. MM explains that someone has broken out of the Phantom Zone. Clark is shocked because he thought he had destroyed anyway out of the Phantom Zone. MM says he doesn't understand how it happened and that he is having a hard time tracing the being. Clark says let me try and he uses hi super hearing to locate the person in an alley and MM and Superman fly to find him. They find a young man laying in an alley not far away. Superman asks him what he wants and how he escaped. The man says he is a friend and explains he is the long lost son of the Kryptonian scientist Dax-Ur. Martian Manhunter says, "Jax-Ur". Revealing that MM knows who Jax-Ur is. MM says, "Your father imprisoned you there because you were too impulsive on Earth and he was afraid to take you with him when he escaped there before Krypton was destroyed. Jax-Ur replies, "Yes, my own father sent me to hell because he was afraid of what I would do on Earth, but couldn't bare to leave me to die on Krypton. But I'm not here for vengeance. I came here to warn you." Jax-Ur goes on to tell Clark and MM that the rogue kryptonians he faced came to murder him and that he needs to banish them to the Phantom Zone, but Clark doesn't know how since he destroyed the console. Jax-Ur says that he fixed it and that together Superman, MM, and Jax-Ur can subdue them. MM asks him how he was able to fix the console. He replies my father was the greastest scientist on Krypton except for maybe your father(looking at Clark) I picked up a few things. Superman says he'll think about it and Jonn and Superman fly away. Jonn says to Superman that they can't trust Jax-Ur and that he was nothing but trouble on Krypton. Superman says that he must have been pretty bad for his own father to turn his back on him. But what choice do we have? That is the end of the first part.

Episode 11 "New Krypton Part 2": Jax-Ur flies to find someone and eventually finds an old Luthorcorp facility. He breaks in to find Zod being experimented on by Scientists. Jax-ur destroys the Kryptonite with his heat vision and Zod breaks free. Zod slaughters everyone in the building mercilessly. He asks Jax-Ur why he helped him. Jax-Ur says he wishes only to serve and that he has a plan. Jax-Ur flies to South America and retrieves a dormant peice of the brain interactive construct. He somehow repairs it and Brainiac is reborn. Jax-ur alters its initative and sends it on a mission. Superman and MM track Jax-Ur down at the fortress and when they arrive they are shocked to see him standing next to Zod and the freed rogues. Superman says,"traitor". Jax-Ur says your just as naive as your father. Superman and MM start to attack but before they can Brainiac land between them. Superman says how is this possible. Braniac says I am Braniac you can't destroy me. Superman replies I will defeat you just like I always have. Braniac replies No not this time because as we speak duplicates of me are flyng into space to continue my new mission given to me by Jax-Ur. Then MM punches brainiac and he flies into the air but before Superman and MM can reach Zod, Jax-Ur and the rogues Zod says do it and Jax-Ur activates something on the fortress console and they disappear. Superman asks MM if he can trace where they went, but MM says that Jax-Ur made it fry after activation. Then Braniac lands and says their destiny was not here. Earth is destined to die and you right along with it. You are arrogant to think that you are powerful enough defeat an entir planet that easilly. Didn't you think that maybe it was maybe just a little too easy? Maybe Jax-Ur was right. Maybe you are as naive as your father. Superman, getting angry, yells MY FATHER WAS NOT NAIVE. Brainiac replies he could have easilly saved himself, but instead died on a planet he thought he could save singlehandedly. He was a fool. Then Brainiac flies away. MM tells Clark that his father was a hero. Clark asks Jonn if he thinks Darkseid will return. MM replies if he does there is no doubt in my mind we will defeat him together. The last scene shows Brainiac morphing into Lex Luthor and authorizing men to begin to dig. Lex walks out onto the Lexcorp roof and says Good Luck Kal-El and flies off into space.

Episode 12 "Preparation": Clark is at the daily planet with Lois and he says they need more heroes to be ready if Darkseid returns. Lois says that maybe he should begin to search for new members. Then Perry calls them up to his office and says that he is looking to promote someone and he has his eye on Clark, but there is another reporter who badly wants it. Then Cat Grant walks in and Perry says heres the deal whoever can get me a front page story gets the promotion. Lois asks him why she's there and he says he wants her to investigate a lead in Central City so that Clark can do this alone. Lois leaves and Clark is more worried about Darkseid then he is the promotion, but he begins to invesigate what looks like a group of professional assassinations. He discovers that they are all killed with a sword. He calls Chloe and asks her to do some computer digging for her. She says she is surprised he has taken so long to find a replacement watchtower. He says he is working on it. Chloe says that it looks like our old friend Slade's MO. Superman begins to search for Slade but soon finds out that someone has kidnapped Cat. He eventually tracks down Slade who now calls himself Deathstroke and saves Cat he watches as the police take him away. He writes the story and turns it in at the daily planet. And Perry surprisingly says he has decide to romote both of them. The last scene shows Deathsroke overpowering the guards in the truck, and driving it to a Checkmate operative. The operative asks if he got it and Deathstroke replies I don't make a habit of failing.

Episode 13 "Initiation": Superman calls a meeting with everyone on their team. The people who couldn't be there are on the computer screan (like in Salvation). He tells the group that they need new members and he explains that Darkseid might be returning and they need to be ready. Superman brings Conner in and asks if he can allow Conner to join the team. The team votes and it is almost unanimous. Yes. Toyman finds a way to accelerate Lex's memory. Lex wants him to find a way to get it all back, but Toyman tells him not to rush his work. Clark begins to work at his new promotion and is surprised to find out that Lois pulled some strings got them an office to share. Clark is worried because he says that people might suspect that they are still in a relationship and he thought they had agreed to keep it on the down low. Lois reassures him and says that she made it look like they were forced to share the office because there was little room. They agree to act annoyed that they have to share an office with their ex. Toyman introduces Lex to Marionette Ventures and asks him to join the secret society.

Episode 14 "Intergang": Bruno Manheim accelerates his crime rings activities and the city becomes scared because of the quick crime rise. Superman enlists Impulse's help to stop the crimes. Bart tells Superman that he met an interesting guy in Central City who has powers similar to his own and has been fighting crime there. Superman says that he might be a good addition to the team. Bart says that he will try to track him down, but he is really fast. Clark is surprised to hear that the person is faster than Bart. Superman and Bart discover that Bruno Manheim calls his crime ring Intergang and it is a lot bigger than they realized.

Episode 15 "War": Lex joins Marionette ventures and he and Toyman devise a plan to steal something from a government organization. Lex and Toyman send Metallo and a humongous zombie who calls himself Soloman Grundy to infiltrate the lab. Lex and Toyman didn't count on there being an elite team to stand in there way. Plastique, Rick Flag, and Deathstroke battle Metallo and Grundy. Superman hears the battle on patrol and comes to see what is going on. The suicide squad puts up a good fight, but Grundy and Metallo gang the upper hand. Grundy knocks them all out and Superman shows up. Metallo instantly weakens him and grundy beats on him hard. Lex commands Grundy to kill him over the radio while Metallo retrieves what they came for. With metallo gone Superman regains his strength and subdues Grundy. Metallo returns however and befor Metallo can kill him Rick Flag shoots Metallo. Lex commands them to return because they have what they came for. They escape and Superman asks the squad why they helped him and Rick says it wasn't our mission to take you out.

Episode 16 "Doubt": Oliver is concerned after Clark warned them that Darkseid might not have been defeated. He secretly gets Black Canary to go with him to Ireland to investigate where the Bow of Orion was at. Lois tells Clark that Chloe will have her baby soon. Green Arrow and Canary find what looks like a computer hard drive hidden in the cave wall. Oliver convinces Canary not to tell anyone. Lex and his scientists begin to experiment on whatever they stole from Checkmate.

Episode 17 "Clone": Lex and his scientists successfully use what they stole from Checkmate which turns out to be the blood Checkmate stole from Superman and his clone research to fashion a clone of Superman. It isn't very intelligent, but Lex sends it to battle Superman. It attacks Superman and nearly defeats him, but Superman eventually defeats it. But before anyone can move him the clone escapes and returns to Lex. Lex surprisingly seems pleased with the clones performance and calls him Bizarro.

Episode 18 "Recall": Lex regains almost all his memories, but he stops regaining them when he remembers going to the arctic to kill the traveler. Lex realizes the traveler is Superman and develops a hatred for him. Chloe goes into labor and Lois goes to be with her in Star City. Clark stays because Intergang is committing a lot of crimes using some really high tech weapons. Dr. Hamilton tells Clark that they stole them from a research facility called Star Labs. Superman manages to retrieve the weapons and returns them. Emil gets a job at Star Labs.

Episode 19 "Lover": Lana Lang is living in Edge City and she is starting a clothing line. She is kidnapped by who are revealed to be Lex's men. Lex experiments on her to find how the power suit works over a long period of time. He discovers that the suit is slowly damaging her brain. During an extremely painful procedure Lex ungraphts the suit from Lana and strips her of her memory of the past 5 years. He leaves her in an alley and begins working on a previous version of the power suit that he might be able to fix the brain damage side affect. Lana goes to Clark who tries to help her and Lois can't help but feel a little jealous. Clark takes her to Jor-El in the fortress and asks him to return her memory. He does and she tells him that Lex kidnapped her and did this. She returns to Edge City and Superman goes looking for Lex. He can't find him, and he gets a call from Martha who says she isn't running for a second term and has decided to return to Smallville.

Episode 20 "Resurrection": Dr. Fate finds Superman and tells him that the Helmet of Naboo has told him that he is meant to resurrect someone if we are to win the battle ahead. Clark asks him who, and Kent says that the helmet said to stay with Clark until he sees the sign and that the sign will tell him who. Clark says that it is amazing that he can bring people back from the dead. Dr. Fate replies that he can only do it when the scales are uneven and that that is the only way he was able to return. Superman and Fate fly to the top of the crows nest and suddenly a portal opens up. Kara and Braniac 5 step through the portal. Superman asks her why she is in the future. Braniac 5 says tha they are on an important mission and they don't have time to waste. Clark becomes angry and says Well make time because your Legion helped me defeat my Brainiac and they assured me that he was gone, but he came back and flew off into space and my cousin has been missing for a year and now I find out that she has been with you. So I don't know if you guys even know what the heck your talking about. Brainiac replies, "My previous self was defeated but someone came back from time and gave Jax-Ur the tools he needed to escape. And when people come back from time they can alter history. Well why don't you stay in your own time zone," says Superman. Dr. Fate says perhaps you might tells us why your here. We came back to find you and tell you to bring back Carter Hol. It says in a prophecy we should come back and tell you who to bring back. Superman asks Kara to stay but she says that her destiny is in the future and his is to defeat Darkseid alongside your team. She says goodbye and they return to the future. Superman and Dr. Fate return to Hawkman's grave and Dr. Fate brings him back. Hawkman comes out of his coffin and Fate says welcome Hawkman we have much to discuss.

Episode 21 "Betrayal": Chloe is recovering from giving birth at home with Oliver and she goes into Oliver' office and finds the hard drive Oliver and Canary found in the cave. She touches it and it transports her somewhere. Oliver looks for Chloe and begins to worry. He enters his office and sees a large Omega symbol burnt into the floor. He leaves his newly born son with a trusted babysitter and calls Clark. Superman flies to Star City to help Oliver look for Chloe. He finds the hard drive and asks Oliver what this is. Oliver tells him about the cave. Clark asks him why he didn't tell him about this and Oliver says he wanted to handle it by himself. Clark says that Darkseid must be responsible. He sends out an alert to the whole team to tell them about Chloe's disappearance and tells them to help search for her. Oliver and Clark send the hard drive to Emil for him to analyze it. Lex has almost completed his suit of armor and he puts the kryptonite powered breastplate at the center of the armor. He tells his team of villains to prepare for an all out assault on the team of heroes. Emil contacts Clark and Oliver and tells them that the hard drive is definitelly alien. And that sadly he couldn't figure out what it did with Chloe, but he did itercept a transmission it sent out. Clark asks what it said and Emil says," Sacrifice ten pure of heart." Chloe awakes and looks up in fear at a red sky and she hears a voice say don't worry child granny's here.

Episode 22 "Armageddon": Clark and Lois are at the planet talking about Chloe when they hear that 40 bodies were found dead in an abandoned church on the outskirts of the city. Lois is disgusted. Who would slaughter 40 people. Clark figures out that the person is searching for people of pure heart. Green Arrow apparently heard the same news he begins to look for the killer. Clark goes to watchtower, and after he leaves Lois gets a lead that Lex has resurfaced. Superman sends out an alert to all members of the league and tells them to come to Metropolis and rendezvous at watchtower. Meanwhile Oliver tracks down the killer to a warehouse who turns out to be Desaad. Green Arrow points his arrow at Desaad and fires. Desaad stops it in mid air and chuckles not this time. He ties Green Arrow up and tells him his mission. Since your people are a little more difficult to convert than we thought we have to sacrifice 10 people of pure heart for our Lord Darkseid to come here in his true form. Oliver asks why. Our Lord feads of the anguish of others and since we could not induce that here this is the only other option. Desaad contacts someone and says Godfrey and I could only find nine and the other person (Granny) says don't worry set up the sacrifice I have the tenth. Lois follows one of Lex's people to a research facility where she is captured. She sees Lex put on a giant suit with a kryptonite core. And he tells Metallo, Toyman, and Grundy to prepare the others for battle. Desaad transports his 9 pure of heart to the middle of Metropolis. He uses his abilities to clear main street and arranges the bodies in a circle on the ground. Then Granny appears and says I have the tenth and she ties Chloe down with the others. Granny asks Desaad where the boom tube generator is and Desaad replies he should be here shortly. Granny replies we can't afford to make any mistakes. Godfrey joins them and smiles and says today is the day. Granny says where is the generator? Desaad says Godfrey doesn't have it someone else does. Meanwhile the heroes are gathering at watchtower and they see the news. Superman says that it's happening and they have to go. Superman flies away towards Main Street with the other heroes close behind. Lois watches as Lex prepares his army of villains then suddenly the room is filled with smoke and a dark figure attacks the villains. They try to fight back but eventually the fumes overtake them. Right before Lois passes out she sees a throwing knife shaped like a bat come flying out of the smoke and cut her ropes. She sees a figure in black approach her then she passes out. Superman flies like a bullet towards the unholy trinity, but with their combined abililities they throw him into the sky. Then Emil walks up beside Desaad and hands him the boom tube generator. An Omega symbol appears on Emil's forehead. Desaad says you have done well then he looks and the unholy trinity watches as Martian Manhunter and Hawkman lead the heroes to back up Superman. But Desaad activates the boom tube generator and several boom tubes open and parademons by the dozens poor out and attack the heroes. Then the trinity start the sacrifice. Desaad says be of good spirit because you are the lucky ten. You get to bring forth the dawn of a new age. Then the Trinity begins chanting in Apokolyptian. Omega Symbols appear on the peoples head and Darkseid appears in his true form in the center of the circle. Darkseid turns and says to the trinity you have done well now watch as humanity crushes before my might. Then Superman flies through the clouds and takes out three parademon with his heat vision. He attacks Darkseid and they battle for a long time while the Justice League fends off the parademons. Darkseid is still winning even with Superman using all his strength, but eventually Superman begins to slowly gain the upperhand and Darkseid unleashes his Omega Beams on Superman and Superman falls to the ground. Darkseid says you have put up a good fight son of Krypton. You valiantly defend your adopted world. But you can not defeat me. Because no matter how much power you possess you are merely a man and I am a god.


'Episode 1 "Triumph": Metropolis is panicking because of the attack on Earth. The U.S's military is proving useless against Darkseid's forces. It seems the new team of heroes battling the onslaught is Earth's only chance. The league is struggling to fight back what seams to be an endless frontal assault by parademons. Martian Manhunter in the front is using his Martian Vision to fend of the attackers while Hawkman attacks them head on with his mace. Dr. Fate emits purple energy from his hands which vaporizes the parademons. Superman is battling Darkseid one on one, but Darkseid has gained the upperhand. He unleashed his Omega beams on Clark and Superman is struggling to fight back. Just when everyone thought things couldn't get worse a massive boom tube opened and a ship comes through it. Meanwhile Lois awakes in her apartment and the last thing she remembers was being captured by Lex adn being saved by a dark figure. She looks out the window and sees the ship hovering over Metropolis. She quickly heads to the Planet to find out whats going on. Green Arrow breaks free of his restraints and heads to help Clark. He meets up with Martian Manhunter and John asks him to take Conner and go into the ship and destroy it. Conner grabs Oliver and super leaps up to the ship, and punches a hole inside. Darkseid says to Superman, "I'm impressed. But I don't have time for this". Just when Superman sees Darkseid's eyes grow more red he flies into the sky at supersonic speed and comes back down on him with all his might. Darkseid is
217px-Superman vs Darkseid

Superman and Darkseid battle to the death!

taken back by this and Superman relentlessly beats him to a pulp. Green Arrow and Conner walk through the ship carefully until they are attacked by the female furies. They fight hard but the female furies are a formidable opponent. Then a woman wearing red, blue, and gold armor joins the fight against the furies and tells Conner and Oliver that she'll hold them off. Conner and Oliver search for the main power corp. Lois looks for Perry at the Daily Planet, but can't find him. She sees Superman's fight with Darkseid on TV (being filmed from a helocopter) and stops to watch in shock. Green Arrow and Superboy finally find the corp and they overload it. Superboy smashes through the side of the ship and lands on the ground carrying Oliver. Superman continues to beat Darkseid. But then he stops when he sees that Darkseid is severelly injured. Darkseid looks around to see his forces depleted then the ship overhead explodes. Superman says "its over" And Darkseid smirks "For now". Then Darkseid opens a boom tube and steps through it and before Superman can stop him it closes. Superman and the League look around at the rubble and debris from the fight. Hawkman says,"You did it Kal-El". And Superman says,"No, we did it". Carter nods. And the episode ends with the league standing in the center of the city while the camera zooms out.'

'Episode 2 "Recovery": Superman is flying over Metropolis searching for Emil, but without any luck. He flies to the planet and Lois tells him that she can't find Perry anywhere. Clark tells her that he looked all over and couldn't find Emil either. Lois is worried. Just then, Clark gets a call from Oliver he says that he has used all his rescources to try and find Emil, but he couldn't either. Oliver is worried that if the can't find Emil that he'll never see Chloe again. Lex talks to someone on the phone and says that the attack bore unexpected fruit. Now we know what we are up against. Clark goes to watchtower to try and find Emil, but he is shocked to find Chloe there. He asks her where she's been and she says that when she activated the boom tube it sent her to Apokolips and Granny Goodness was going to sacrifice her, but she escaped before she could. Clark says she's lucky to be alive. Clark is about to call Oliver and tell him that Chloe's here, but she stops him because she wants to surprise him herself. Chloe uses Watchtower to search for Emil, and Clark says that he has had a hard time finding someone to replace her after Tess died. Chloe says she might know someone who can help her with that.'

'Episode 3 "Excavation": Clark and Lois are in their apartment getting ready to go to work and Lois turns on the news. They are broadcasting footage of Metropolis post-attack. Clark asks Lois if she thinks that if he wasn't sent to Earth that maybe Darkseid wouldn't have attacked. Lois reassures him, but Clark feels responsible for all the people who were affected by the catastrophe. Lois tells Clark about the dark figure who rescued her from Lex. She tells him that Lex was recruiting some sort of army of villains. Clark remembers his fight with Metallo and Grundy. When they arrive at the planet someone tells them that Perry is still AWOL. Clark and Lois decide to investigate Perry's disappearance. Oliver flies back to Star City to see his son. One of
Superman Daily Planet

Superman:Metropolis' Guardian!

Lex's men gives him a progress report on the dig site. Lex is surprised because he doesn't remember authorizing the dig. The man tells him that a homeless girl is causing a problem. Lex is annoyed and tells him to take him to the site. Lex shows up and finds a young woman named Mercy Graves fighting the dig site workers. Lex has a conversation with her and finds out that she is homeless and has been living here. He offers her a job as his assistant and she reluctantly accepts. Lex speaks with the overseer of the dig site and asks him why they are digging there. The man says,"I don't know what's down there, but whatever it is someone went through a lot of trouble to make sure it stays buried. Lex learns that explosives were used to bury something big down there. Lex's curiosity is tapped and he tells them to keep digging. Oliver is in Star City and he gets a call from a Queen Industries employee who tells him about Lex's dig site. Oliver realizes that this is where they buried Doomsday. He calls Clark and tells him. Late at night Clark visits the dig site when all the crew is gone. He remembers all the destruction and pain that was caused by the recent disastor. As he hovers over the site the wind from his flight kicks up some red dust. And in the last scene you see Superman's eye's turn red.'

'Episode 4 "Outcast": Superman is hovering over Metropolis using his super hearing to listen to the city. All he seems to hear is people complaining about the destruction and pain that the disastor caused. He keeps listening and he hears a news show talking about the heroes. They wonder why all these alien threats appear soon after Superman and the heroes showed up. Someone on the show says maybe he's causing these disastors to make himself look heroic. Superman gets mad and zooms away. A day passes and Lois gets really worried because she hasn't seen Clark. She tells Conner to look for him. Conner searches the city, but there is no sign of him. So Conner asks John Jones to help. John searches the skies and Conner searches the ground, but neither can find him. John tells Conner that he thinks he knows where Clark is and flies away. At the fortress Clark is depressed and angry. John finds him and tries to convince him to go home. Superman
Martian-manhunter 12

Martian Manhunter returns to save Clark once again.

doesn't respond he just stands there. He finally speaks. "John, do you ever wonder what you'll be remembered for? I do. I once thought that if we did the right thing, and we devoted our lives to saving and helping people that years after we're gone people will remember we were good people. Now I know I was wrong. My legacy will be only the person I didn't save in time, or the disastor that happened while I was asleep. No one cares how much good you do. One wrong undoes all the rights." John replies," That's not true Kal-El your destiny was always to inspire good." Superman gets angry and attacks Martian Manhunter. A raging battle takes place. And John is shocked by Clark's irrationality. Suddenly Clark falls to the ground and his eyeballs lose their red hue. John looks and sees Conner standing there with a green meteor rock in a lead box. Conner says that Oliver called and said that they dug up some red meteor rock at the dig site. I figured you might be in trouble. Clark apologises to John and John says," never doubt yourself, and never doubt the humans potential for good." "You are Earth's hero." Superman flies to the planet to see Lois. They reunite. Lex calls Toyman and tells him to start recruiting new members.'

'Episode 5 "Desception" Oliver returns to town and he is desperatelly searching for Emil. Oliver meets Clark at the planet and asks him if he has had any luck. Clark has been busy with other things. Oliver says how do three people vanish off the face of the Earth. Clark suggests that Oliver ask Chloe for help. Oliver gets mad, "what are you talking about Clark? Chloe's gone. Clark replies,"No, I saw her about two weeks ago I was going to tell you, but she said she wanted to surprise you. Clark and Oliver go to watchtower to try and find out where she is. Lois gets a lead on Perry and she flies to Ireland. Lex is still trying to find out what is buried at the dig site, but the workers have not dug deep enough to see what it is. He contacts someone on the phone and asks

Oliver quickly forgives Chloe, but Clark wonders if she's keeping things from them.

him if he is making progress the man says he has found some interesting recruits. Clark and Olliver discover that Chloe has been living at the Kent farm. They go there and find she has set up a sort of base there. Oliver doesn't understand why she would keep this from them. Just then Chloe comes through the door. Oliver runs and hugs her she seems more sad then happy. Clark says Chloe whats going on. Chloe reluctantly explains,"When I teleported to Apokolips Granny Goodness captured me and put me in one of her holding cells. It was like hell except 10 times worse. Granny Goodness told me that I was going to be sacrificed with 9 others so that Darkseid could come to Earth. I begged for her to let me live. I couldn't leave my son. Chloe is now crying. "She said she would spare me if I helped them kill you. Then they took me to Earth and tied me up with the other 9, but they secretelly let me escape and they replaced me with someone else. I tried to find Emil, but they had corrupted him. They told me if I betrayed them that they would kill me. The only reason I'm still alive is I was to afraid that they would kill my son if I refused. Clark and Oliver both agree to help her, but she says that if they find out I'm helping you they'll kill me so when they contact me I'll pretend I'm gaining your trust so I can kill you. Clark and Oliver are worried about Chloe, but they don't know what to do.'

'Episode 6 "Parasite" Superman doesn't know what to do about Chloe. She's his oldest friend and his greatest enemy has her in his crosshairs. Lois tracks Perry White down to an old Irish village. She asks him where he's been and he says that he received an anonomys letter shortly after the attack that the only way to stop the invasion was locked in a cave close to this village. Lois asks him why he is still here. She tells him that Superman already defeated the aliens. Perry tells her that if the aliens come back they need to be ready. Lex is in a lab talking to Winslow Schott. Toyman is giving Lex an update on the Legion of Doom's recruitment. Lex asks him if they've got the doctor to talk. Toyman says that they have a new method of persuasion. Lex looks through a window to see Rudy Jones torturing Emil. Green Arrow contacts Superman and tells him he thinks he knows where Emil is being held. Superman and Green Arrow infiltrate the lab. Parasite attacks Superman and strips him of his abilities. Green Arrow unleashes his arrows on him but they don't even tickle him. Finally

Lex Luthor enlists Rudy Jones the parasite to his team of villains and uses him to torture people.

Oliver takes out a kryptonite tipped arrow and shoots him Parasite gives him his powers back. Lex and Toyman watch the confrontation at a safe distance, they escape when they see Superman is winning. Oliver asks Parasite why he was torturing Emil, but he won't say anything. Clark and Oliver take Emil back to watchtower. They ask him why Parasite was torturing him. Emil says that Lex was behind it and that they wanted to know everything about Darkseid. Oliver wonders why they would ask Emil. Emil says that he was corrupted by Darkseid and thats why they thought I knew something. Emil warns Clark not to trust Chloe. Clark asks why. Emil replies she's seen Apokolips. He imprisoned me on his ship that in itself was torture. I can only imagine what she went through. Lois and Perry are walking through the Irish woods when they come upon a cave entrance. Perry smiles and says, "This is it".'

'Episode 7 "Portal" Conner asks Clark to take him to the fortress so he can learn more about his Kryptonian heritage. Clark agrees and Martian Manhunter also comes because he has become close with Conner. When they arrive at the fortress Clark tells Conner that this crystal will teach him the Kryptonian language. Clark inserts the crystal and everything goes white. Conner and John look around and Clark is gone. John tries messing with the console, and he discovers that someone rigged it to teleport him. Superman wakes up on the ground and looks up to a city. A city more magnificent than anything he has ever seen on Earth. He flies to the center of it and looks around at the people flying like him. They all stop to stare at him. Clark quickly recognizes them. Then someone behind him says,"Depressing isn't it?" "To think you could have led your race to victory on Earth, and turned it into a Utopia." Clark replies,"You would have enslaved the humans and used them to build your empire." " Does it look like we needed the humans?" Superman turns to face Jax-Ur. "We built this on our own, and you have no place here." Superman asks why he had him teleported here. Jax-Ur replies," vengeance". Superman attacks Jax-Ur and they fight for a while, but Jax-Ur eventually beats Clark. Jax-Ur says,"You were trained by Jor-El I was trained by Zod. Jax-Ur escorts Superman to a palace at the center of the city. Clark asks the Kandorians to help him, but they just follow in silence. When they arrive Jax-
Smallville 9x7 kandor-9

Zod returns, but this time Clark is on his playing field.

Ur throws Clark on the floor in front of a throne and Jax-Ur says,"Here is your enemy,General, as I promised. Back at the fortress John and Conner are trying to figure out a way to get Clark back, but without luck. John thinks if he can calibrate the console just right he might be able to trace where they sent him. Superman looks up at the throne and sees General Zod. Zod says,"You turned your back on your people, so you could protect the humans. You truly are a traitor to your own cause." "I will lead my people to a new age, and you will die knowing that you could have had what I have." Zod pulls out a blue kryptonite knife, but before he could kill him Vala stops him. Vala says," Don't kill him here. A kryptonian has never been slain on this ground and for us to do it to one of our own would bring a curse upon ourselves. Zod replies, I don't care about old myths." The kandorians begin to mumble among themselves. Zod acquiesces fine we will send you back to your world. But remember Krypton has risen again and you are disowned. Jax-Ur pulls out a device and Zod says,"Enjoy your time on Earth being worshiped by the mortals, however brief it may be. Jax-Ur activates a device and Superman is transported to the fortress. Conner and John greet him, and ask him what happened Clark tells them what happened. Clark says,"Zod must have had something on them that kept them from fighting back. They would never have surrendered to him." John replies,"Sometimes when people feel lost and without guidance they turn to even the most evil tyrants." Clark replies," I guess the Kandorians aren't that unlike humans afterall."'

'Episode 8 "Volcana" Clark is at the Daily Planet and it is a relatively slow news day. He misses Lois, and is trying to bury himself in work. He keeps remembering what Zod said to him before he sent him back to Earth. "Does Zod know about some threat that I don't or is he talking about Darkseid," he wonders? Just then Cat Grant comes into his office and asks him where Lois is. Clark tells her that she got a lead on where Perry might be. Cat says that she is going to miss out on the story of a life time. Clark asks what she is talking about. Cat says that she heard from an anonomys source that Lex Luthor is funding a lab to do experiments on human DNA. The lab is called- but before Cat can finish her sentence someone runs down the hallway and yells someone is robbing a bank on 6th street. Clark apologises and says that he has to go. He runs to the roof and switches to his Superman suit and takes off. He flies to the bank and sees a woman who calls herself Volcana emiting fire from her hands and consuming the police officers firing at her. Superman tries to stop her, but she sets a nearby building on fire. She smiles because she knows he'll save them first. Superman saves everyone in the building, but when he returns the woman is gone with the money. Perry and Lois enter the cave they discovered in Ireland. They are amazed at what they find. They see ancient writings all over the walls, but Lois only recognizes one. The Omega symbol. They follow a corridor until they reach an empty chamber. "It's gone," Perry yells in disbelief. Then a voice in the shadows says,"I'm afraid your a bit too late, so you have no reason to be here now." Then they here a loud noise and they look up and they are laying in a field on the outskirts of Metropolis. "What just happened," they say almost in unison. Oliver contacts Clark and tells him that Chloe isn't herself. Clark asks him if any of the prophets have tried to contact her. "No,"Oliver says I've been keeping a close eye one her, and that she's safe. Clark uses watchtower to locate the heat signatures coming from the womans body. He tracks her down to an old quarry. Superman tries to reason with her, but she won't listen. They fight and she proves to be a surprisingly formidable enemy, but in the end Superman dumps a load of rock on her. The police come and take her to jail and Cat shows up and tries to get an interview, but Superman is already gone. When Volcana is being transferred from the vehicle to the holding cells she is approached by a man.'

'Episode 9 "Scourge" Clark and Lois are at the Daily Planet and Lois is telling Clark about the mysterious cave she found with Perry and being teleported from Ireland to Metropolis. Clark seems a bit distracted, and Lois is wondering what's wrong. Meanwhile in Metropolis it is pouring rain and in an alley in suicide slums a limo stops and a woman gets in. It is revealed to be Lex Luthor and Chloe! Chloe asks if he was followed. Lex answers with an annoyed silence. Lex says,"What do you want?" Chloe replies,"I need your help, and I can give you something that you want." "Go on," says Lex. Chloe says,"I'm being blackmailed by the invading aliens that landed on Earth a couple of months ago, and the only thing that can kill them is buried at the dig site where Lexcorp is digging." Lex is intrigued,"You know whats down there?" Chloe replies,"Yes, and if you help me find something buried in the rubble I will tell you what it is." Lex says,"Meet me at my office tomorrow
Desaad Smallville 002

Desaad returns with a vengeance.

at seven." Chloe tells Lex to keep this between them only or the deal is off. When she gets out of the car she is approached by to men in the shadows. She tries to run, but amazingly she becomes paralyzed and falls to the ground. Suddenly she starts to lift off the ground. She has no control over her body and she is now completelly levitated in the air facing the men. One of the men says,"Did you really think you could decieve me?" The two men are revealed to be Desaad and Godfrey. Desaad says,"You will never be able to conceal something from us. We can smell your subterfuge. You are very bold to risk the life of your son on the idea that Lex Luthor can help you destroy us." Chloe replies,"Please, don't hurt my son I'll cancel the meeting tomorrow." "No, don't cancel we can use him. Continue your little facade, but remember Chloe if you ever try anything like this again I will have your son sent to Apokolips where they will torture him till he bends to Darkseid's will," Desaad warns. The next day Clark calls Oliver and asks him where Chloe is. Oliver says that she flew into Metropolis to visit Lois. Clark is mad that Oliver let her out of his sight, but Oliver says that Chloe insisted. Lois meets with an unknown source who says that he has something she wants. Chloe goes to meet Lex at his office and Lex wastes no time. "What's down there Chloe?" Lex asks. Chloe replies,"It's a creature capable of mass destruction, and once you dig it up there will be no way to defeat it." "Assuming I believe you how do you know whats down there?" Lex says. "That isn't important the important thing is once you dig it up you need to use this to kill it." Chloe hands Lex some Gold Kryptonite. "When you kill it I need you to extract something from its body for me." Chloe says. Lex replies,"Extract what?" Chloe replies,"I'll tell you if we get that far. Chloe gets up and leaves. Lex tells his assistant Mercy Graves to wait and he'll be back in about twenty minutes. When Lex leaves Desaad walks out of a shadowed corner and knocks out Mercy and goes over to the computer. He reads something and smirks.'

'Episode 10 "Anomalous" Green Arrow returns to Metropolis and brings Cyborg with him. They call an emergency meeting at the top of the crows nest. Superman asks why they have to meet here and not at watchtower? Oliver says that Chloe has everything bugged. Clark is baffled. "Chloe has been playing us ever since she returned. She pretended to be on our side and has secretly been meeting with Lex," Cyborg says. Clark tries to defend her, but Oliver stops him and says just watch this. Cyborg shows him a video he had gotten from the Lexcorp security footage. Chloe hands Lex some Gold Kryptonite. Clark is shocked. "We have to find her,Clark, before she does something she'll regret." Clark's eyes turns red with anger,"Too late",and flies away. Cyborg tells Oliver that he needs to go to watchtower and track down Chloe before Clark does something he'll regret. Green Arrow agrees. Lois meets with Cat Grant and Cat tells Lois about a lab called Cadmus being run by Lexcorp. Lois instantly recognizes the name and they go to investigate. Cyborg and Green Arrow trace
223px-Victor Stone Smallville 001

Cyborg returns with Oliver to Metropolis and becomes the new Watchtower!

Chloe down to the Ace of Clubs and Oliver decides to go in alone and talk with her while Cyborg waits outside. Oliver goes in and he tells her that they know about the secret meetings with Lex. Chloe tells Oliver that everything she is doing is for them. She tells Oliver to go with her to watchower and she will explain. When Chloe, Oliver, and Cyborg get to watchtower Superman is already there. Clark is mad, but Oliver tells him to calm down because Chloe has an explanation. "I gave Lex the Gold Kryptonite because you were doing nothing to stop Lex from digging up Doomsday," says Chloe. Clark replies,"What did you want me to do,Chloe, slaughter the entire work crew?" "Oliver and I have a plan to defeat him and Gold K will probably only subdue him for a while," says Clark. Chloe replies," Exactly and when he is down you can throw him into the sun." What about our plan to throw him into the phantom zone, Clark?" Oliver asks. "The Phantom Zone won't work. Too many people have gotten out." Says Chloe. "It's a good plan, but why give it to Lex? Oliver asks. "You've been to busy to know, but Lex has been recruiting villains. I'd rather him use one of them to get in close to Doomsday than one of our own." Chloe answers. Clark is still suspicious, but she won over Oliver. Clark asked her if she wanted to take over as watchtower, but she says she had an idea of who might replace her. She looks at Cyborg. Cyborg at first doesn'tt think he's up to the task, but the others encourage him and he accepts. Lois and Cat don't have any luck finding Cadmus, so Lois returns to the Planet and tells Clark about her search. Clark is more concerned about Chloe he doesn't think Chloe is telling him the whole truth. Lex gets a call from a woman revealed to be Amanda Waller. She tells him something interesting about Chloe. At night Chloe gets a coffee at her usual coffee stand and walks down the sidewalk, but a figure sneaks up behind her and puts his hand over her mouth and you see a purple hue.'

'Episode 11 "Cataclysm" Cyborg is at watchtower trying to contact Chloe, but he can't find her. He calls Oliver and Oliver says he'll start to search. Chloe is strapped to a table in a lab and she is approached by Rudy Jones the Parasite. "What do you want?" Chloe screams in anger. Parasite replies,"I'm supposed to watch you until he gets here." Chloe struggles and Parasite sucks some of her life enrgy away leaving her fatigued. Lex walks in and says"You know Chloe I almost thought you were on my side, but I got a call from one of my colleagues who informed me that you are close friends with Superman. And also that the beast in the ground is of the same race as The Man of Steel." "I called off the dig. I have no interest in this beast, but I have a feeling that if this will kill the beast it will kill Superman too." "No, you can't use that on him." Lex reveals the gold kryptonite. "What does it do to him, Chloe?" Lex asks, but Chloe won't tell him. Lex has Parasite torture her a little. Finally she cleverly says,"The gold meteor rock has an adverse effect it kills the beast, but it increases Superman's power. "What hurts him," Lex asks. Parasite tortures her even more she finally says,"The green meteor rock." Lex smirks,"Thank you Chloe." Lex and Parasite begin to leave, but they don't notice that Chloe
596px-X22doomsdaybluraymkv 001549463

The League valiantly tries to fight Doomsday on their own, but they are no match for it.

had a hidden lockpick. She escapes and grabs a long pole and knocks out Lex and Parasite. She takes the gold kryptonite off his person and flees. Meanwhile Cyborg and Green Arrow have enlisted Superman's help to find Chloe. Cyborg traces a signal to an old Luthorcorp facility. "It looks like she tried to send out a distress signal," Cyborg says. Clark flies to the scene. As soon as he enters the lab he falls to the ground. Lex is holding a peice of green kryptonite. "You know it's a good thing I had some of this on hand," Lex says looking at the kryptonite in his hand. Superman replies,"My friends know I'm here they're coming for me." Lex replies,"That's why we are gonna move you to a secure location." Lois is trying to find Cadmus Labs, but she hasn't had much luck, but then she comes across a building that's been abandoned for years. She decides to go investigate. Green Arrow shows up at the lab Clark flew to, but Lex and Parasite are already gone with Superman. Oliver calls Cyborg and asks him how long until the dig workers reach Doomsday? Cyborg says that the crew has stopped working on it all together. Oliver is relieved by this, but he doesn't understand why Lex would stop digging. At the dig site all is quiet, but two people walk up to the hole where doomsday was buried. Desaad and Godfrey use they're powers to lift the rocks out of the pit. After a while they hear movement Desaad smiles and says,"Let the Man of Steel deal with that for while". Then they hear a blood curdling roar. Godfrey opens a boomtube and they go through it. Out of the rubble you see a bony hand smash through. Cyborg calls Oliver and tells him that Doomsday has been released. Oliver asks how thats possible if the workers stopped digging. Cyborg says he doesn't know. Oliver says,"Great Clark and Chloe are gone and we have a Kryptonian beast running loose." Oliver tells Cyborg to get as many league members as he can to show up and help fight. "I'll keep looking for Clark, says Oliver. Cyborg sends out a signal to all leaguers to meet and help fight Doomsday. Conner shows up first, and Cyborg sees on the news that Doomsday has already made his way to Metropolis. Conner and Cyborg get there and are terrified of this beast, but both of them try to stay strong. Cyborg says that Impulse and Black Canary are on their way. Just as he says that Bart zooms up beside him. He looks at the beast and says,"Oh crap this thing again." Cyborg looks at Superboy and Impulse and says if I don't make it it's been an honor. Conner and Bart nod. Then they go at the thing full strength. Conner and Cyborg attack it head on while Impulse attacks from every direction. The beast proves too much for them to handle, and the Beast knocks them all to the ground. Just as the Doomsday is about to slaughter them all Chloe runs between them. Conner and the rest watch in awe as Chloe slams a peice of gold kryptonite right into its chest sending it into of state of shock. But then they watch and the beast looks almost empowered by it. Doomsday turns and Conner yells,"No!" but he can't run fast enough Doomsday hits Chloe with all its strength knocking her through two walls killing her instantly. The league is devestated, but they have to keep fighting. Just then a sound beam comes from the sky and hits Doomsday. It's Canary. They resume their fighting. Oliver passes a TV where the Doomsday battle is raging. Oliver gets frustrated,"Where are you Clark?" Oliver then makes a decision. He can't leave those guys to fight on their own. He goes to join the fight. Lois is completelly oblivious to the Doomsday situation. She enters a facility she supects to be a Cadmus Lab. She is shocked to find Lex and Parasite torturing Superman. She runs up behind Lex and knocks him out. She picks up the Kryptonite he was using and throws it as far as she can. Parasite reaches for Clark to steal his powers,

Superman struggles to defeat arguably one of his most dangerous enemies.

but Superman uses his super breath to blow Parasite into a wall. Clark breaks his restraints and Lois asks if he's alright. Clark says that he has to go help the League. Lois asks," Why? Whats's going on?" Superman says,"Doomsday!" and then flies away. Superman goes as fast as he can in flight. Faster than he's ever flown before. When he reaches the battlefield he sees Green Arrow(frozen because he's going so fast)pointing his arrow at Doomsday's head, Conner laying on the ground because he just took a hard blow from Doomsday, Martian Manhunter flying in to help, and then he hears someone say hit him full strength Clark. He looks and it's Bart running circles around Doomsday. Bart winks and Superman pulls his fist back and hits Doomsday with all his strength he knocks him through three buildings. Superman flies up to it and grabs Doomsday and takes to the skys. Superman is going as fast as he can through space trying to get to the sun so he can throw Doomsday into it, but before he can Doomsday hits him hard in the face and they plummet to Mars' surface. Superman and Doomsday have a raging battle on Mars. When Doomsday was about to hit Clark on the face two beams hit Doomsday right in the chest knocking it back. it's revealed to Martian Manhunter. John says," Leave it here where it can't hurt anyone." So Clark and John fly back to Earth leaving Doomsday on Mars. When Clark and John arrive the league is waiting for them. Oliver is devastated. Conner tells Clark about what happened to Chloe. Bart says that he searched everywhere and couldn't find her body. Superman uses his X-ray vision to look, but doesn't see her. The last scene shows the heroes standing in a partly destroyed downtown.'

'Episode 12 "Cadmus" All of the League has been requested to meet at watchtower. Superman, Martian Manhunter, Conner, Black Canary, and Impulse are already there. Emil comes and starts to treat Bart's wounds. Cyborg is using Watchtower's systems to try to find out how Doomsday was released. Cyborg says,"Clark, are you sure it wasn't Lex who dug up Doomsday?" Clark replies,"Lex didn't care about Doomsday. He just wanted me." Just then Hawkman comes in. "Kal-El I'm sorry I wasn't here in time. There was a crysis in Egypt if I had left hundreds would have died." "You did the right thing Carter," Clark says. Star Girl and Zatanna arrive. "Is Chloe really...?" Courtney asks. Clark is about to answer, but Bart cuts him off,"No, I saw Doomsday knock her into a wall, but we never found her body. Someone came for her. She could be alive." "But why would someone move her?" Says Black Canary. "The real question is who," says Hawkman. Oliver remains silent. He is still in shock after Chloe's death. The team discusses who might have taken Chloe's body. Clark wonders where Aquaman and Dr. Fate are. Zatanna speaks up,"If you really want to know if she is alive...or not. I can arrange that." Just the they all here a familiar voice behind them say,"Chloe Sullivan has been dead a lot longer than you think." It is revealed to be Dr. Fate. "What do you mean?" Oliver speaks up. "The moment she submited to Darkseid's will she was dead. She has been playing everyone because she thinks she can save your son. But I can sense a shaky future for your son." Martian Manhunter asks,"Do you know where she is?" "No," Dr. Fate replies. "You know nothing,"says a frustrated Oliver. Superman stands to his feet," We have to find her," he says. "Everyone begin searching Metropolis." Bart and Conner speed off and Zatanna teleports and leaves a cloud of smoke behind. Superman tells Cyborg to continue using Watchtower to coordinate everyone's investigation. Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman ask Dr. Fate what he meant about Oliver's son's future being shaky. Dr. Fate tells them that the Helmet of Naboo shows a future that could be. But some can

Dr. Fate brings bad news about Chloe's apparent death.

manipulate Fate such as you. "So your saying I'm endangering Chloe and Oliver's son because I can change fate?" Clark asks. "No, but there are others who can manipulate fate even more than you can and someone has set there sights on their son," Dr. Fate replies "We have to protect him," Martian Manhunter warns. " I'll go watch the boy. You keep looking for Chloe," Hawkman offers. They all agree and everyone leaves except Cyborg, Clark, and Oliver. Clark asks why AC never showed. Oliver says that he hasn't been able to reach him latelly. Oliver gets up and says he's going to Star City to be with his son. "I've already lost half my world. I'm not going to lose the other half," says Oliver. "We won't let anything happen to him, Oliver," Clark assures him. Oliver leaves and Lois comes through the door and says that Jimmy went to look for Chloe's body and hasn't been see since. Lois says that he was last seen at the Ace of Clubs asking for information. Superman goes there disguised as Clark Kent, and asks around until he finds a man who saw what happened. the man says that Jimmy left with a two men. One had a military haircut and the other wore worn fedora. Clark recognizes them as Rick Flag and Deadshot. He begins to fly over the city using his x-ray vision to scan buildings Cyborg told him were old Checkmate facilities. He finally hears Jimmy yelling for help. He enters the building and sees Jimmy tied to a pole. Superman asks him what happened and he says that he was looking for the person who stole his friends body when two men forced him into a van at gun point. They left me here tied to this pole. They'll probably be back. Jimmy leaves and Clark returns to the Daily Planet to see Lois. Lois asks him if he really thinks Chloe is alive. Clark says,"I don't know." Then the last scene shows a woman walking down a lab hallway. The woman turns and looks at Chloe who has been completelly healed and is strapped to a table. The woman is revealled to be Amanda Waller. The episode ends with Waller looking down on Chloe.'

'Episode 13 "Imposter"'

'Episode 14 "Duplicate"'

'Episode 15 "Mastermind"'

'Episode 16 "Heir"'

'Episode 17 "Lena"'

'Episode 18 "Shazam"'

'Episode 19 "Continuum"'

'Episode 20 "Knight"'

'Epidode 21 "Revelation"'

'Epidoe 22 "League"'

'Episode 23 Part 1 "Invasion"'

'Episode 23 Part 2 "Superman"'

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