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    My Earth-2 History

    September 15, 2011 by Cer-El

    Note: Some of this information may be taken from other interpretations, but this is information of how I think the characters of Smallville turned out. Some feedback could benecesary, as well.

    Clark Luthor: When he arrived in the 1989 meteor shower, young Kal-El was found in a cornfield by Lionel Luthor. Lionel raised his super-powered son along with his real children, Lex and Lutessa Luthor. While turning his back on Lex, Lionel favored Clark as his best heir and raised him to become a domineering tyrant. Being a super-powered being, Clark, after being convinced by Lionel, turned his back on Jor-El and adopted his Ultraman persona, becoming a mass murder and claiming countless lives, including Lex's, Virgil Swann's, and Patricia Swann's, wh…

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