Ok, we all know that in Smallville, the infamous Superman suit was held in a block of ice, by the cold father of Clark Kent. Jor-El. Seeing the finale back in May, How the block of ice encasing it came up from the ground, and we saw the suit many times before that- above the ground. What if the writers were smart, and had money, they could have had Clark go to the Fortress, and melt the suit out of the ice, and put him in the suit. But instead, they didnt have enough money, so they couldn't just hand him the suit. I know they wanted us to wait, but what if? What if he melted the suit from the ice with his heat vision? Or what if we havent even saw the suit until the final end, so we wouldnt get our hopes up too much. Martha could have gave it to him in the finale. To me that would have been much better, because we wouldnt get our hopes up, and we wouldnt be teased by however many times we saw the suit.

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