Smallville: Salvation Season 12

Episode 1 "In Harms Way" : Clark comes to the barn, and finds Conner, unconscious, and bearly breathing. Not knowing what to do, he takes Conner to Jor-El. Lex's assistant, Mercy Graves, helps Lex find out who the Marionette Ventures are. Oliver, and the rest of the League fight off Mongul. Conner begins his training as a Kryptonian.

Clark got up from the cold floor, and realized he was in Watchtower. He looked around and saw a figure in the shadows.

"Clark Kent. You are needed for the time being." The voice said. The thing had a deep voice, a powerful one.

"What are y--" Clark asked, but was cut off.

"There's no time" The thing said, and put his hand up into the air, and shot a yellow beam at Clark. In a matter of seconds, Clark was standing in the doorway of the Kent Barn.

Lex got out of his limo, and looked out at the swampy abyss. There was nothing but a river, and fog was everywhere. He walked down a clay road, and finally arrived at the river. Then thats when it happened. A building arose out of the dark waters, and a door opened. Lex walked in.

Clark saw Conner laying in the doorway of the barn, with a bullet wound in his chest.

"Conner..." Clark said, trying to stop the tears.

Conner lay there, unemotional, unconcious.

Clark picked Conner up in his arms and screamed to the heavens. "WHY?!?" He looked down. He knew what he had to do. The only answer was.... Jor-El.

Lois slammed the door of the editor of the Daily Planet, Perry White. She stormed into his office and threw the morning paper down onto his desk, almost spilling his coffee.

"Lois.... Whats wrong?"

"Whats wrong Perry? WHATS WRONG?" She screamed.

Perry said nothing, then finally... "Why in Elvis' name are you so pi....."

"Dont even go there... you know why Im furious. You printed a story on Lex Luthor. What about the apparent Heroes of Metropolis trying to save the day?"

"Lois, everything isn't just about these vigilantes sculking around the city looking for a fight. We need to do real stories also." Perry said.

"Look, all I'm saying is that we had the story of the century, and we threw it down the trash" Lois turned around. " I hope Martha Kent talks to you about this also. Not very many people appreciate the work of heroes, including you" Lois snapped, and walked out of Perry White's office.

Perry sat back in his chair, and sipped some of his coffee. Then he reached up to the knob on his radio and turned Elvis' greatest hits on.

Lex walked into the Marionette Ventures secret hideaway in the swamp. The entrance hallway read:

Welcome to the Hall of Doom.

Lex then walked into the main room. There, at a circular table, sat the members of the Marionette Ventures.

Toyman, Metallo, the Dark Archer, Captain Cold, Solomun Grundy, and Black Manta.

"Welcome to the Hall of Doom" Toyman spoke.

Lex stood, speachless. Not knowing what to say, or why this merry band of villians even wanted him to join.

"Why am I here?" Lex asked, his voice wavering.

The others laughed for what seemed forever. Then finally, their leader, Toyman spoke.

"We want you to replace me as the new leader" Toyman stated. "Being your the smartest, and probably the strongest one out of the group." Toyman said. "You've taken down The Blur a number of times, and now, you're going to help us defeat his little team."

Lex was shocked. He never knew he had taken down The Blur, much less smarter or stronger than that group. He didn't know what to say. He became hot, and sweat beads formed on his face. He sway back and forth, and thoughts and memories clouded his mind. He fell back on the ground with a thud.

Clark flew to the Fortress in one of his old red jackets, and blue shirts. He put Conner down on a solid pillar of ice, and then the voice from the icy abyss spoke.

"My son, I see you have returned. What is your problem?" Jor- El asked.

"Conner.....he.. he's gonna die. You have to do something. There's Kryptonite inside him." Clark said.

"The only option for him is to begin training, if he wants to heal."

Clark thought for a second. Then he came up with his answer.

"He's not allowed to stay here Jor-El. Only for training. Nothing else. Do anything to him, and I swea....."

The Fortress shook.

"My son, this is for the best for him. The training begins as soon as possible. I don't see why you care for this....this... Kryptonian. But there's evil in him. You can't trust him my son. Are you sure--"

"Just do it." Clark said, and sped out of the Fortress.

Lex had flashbacks. The memories were coming back more than ever now. He awoke on a bed in The Hall of Doom. Toyman helped him up, and Lex snickered.

"I dont need your help.." Lex smirked, and then threw Toyman off of him. He was now the leader of this group, and he was going to help them fufill their mission: Destroy the Justice League.

Episode 2 "Destined" : Chloe takes charge of her new team, The LEGION, and tells them to recruit new heroes. On the other hand, Lex has already joined the Marionette Ventures, and has took their place as leader. Conner leaves the Fortress.

Chloe walked into the halls of the new building that her and her team had made. It was a work in progress, but her team was slowly gaining new members. She walked through the doors, and came into a large den. On one wall was a giant circle, with a "L" inside. It was the Legion logo. She tossed her jacket on a chair, and walked over to a case that held the source of her power. What the world needed to keep its balance. The Helmet of Nabu. She made sure the case was locked, and then went over to a cabinet. She took 5 rings out from it, and then walked out of the den.

Clark and Lois walked into the Daily Planet, hand in hand, and then upstairs to their desks. Lois slammed her purse down.

"I cant believe Perry didnt do that story" She complained.

"Lois, you cant expect Perry to let us do every story on Superman, or The League." Clark replied.

"You just dont get it do you?" Lois shouted, her face was blood red from the anger.

"Take it easy Lo' " Clark said, wrapping his arms around her, and kissing her. They embraced for a couple seconds and then Lois finally said something.

"I dont know what I would do without you Clark. I love you" She said.

"I love you too." Clark replied.

Clark Kent.

Lex had been studying him ever since the wreck. And he still was. He knew Clark had many weaknesses. Out of the varieties of Kryptonite, and Magic, he could kill Clark any way possible. But better yet: Take Lois Lane.

He sat up in his chair, at the head of the table in The Hall of Doom. Around it sat: Captain Cold, Black Manta, Solomon Grundy, Metallo, Toyman, The Dark Archer, and Plastique.

Lex spoke. " I have a plan. As you all know, we are all here to destroy the Super Friends that we all hate with a passion. They are the ones that made our lives the way they are today. Each of you have a target. They aren't your normal hero that you fight, but its supposed to be that way for a reason. A better chance of survival. Now, your going to do whatever it takes. Know your targets life. Know his allies, his friends, his family, and his loved ones. Most importantly, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Oliver stared blankly at the Watchtower's computer screen. Black Canary was hospitalized an hour ago, by a pale hulk of a man. Cyborg was torn apart, and got taken underwater, and nearly drowned, and was also hospitalized. Meanwhile, Impulse had frozen in a block of ice. And Aquaman, was in a fiery prison. He pulled a video up on the computer screen, and it nearly gave him chills. Lex's new assistant, Mercy Graves was giving the announcement that Lex was starting his own company, Lexcorp. He heard a whoosh! behind him, and was nearly taken off his feet.

"Clark man, you have to stop sneaking up on me like that" He said, turning around.

There Clark stood, in his Superman uniform. "Oliver, we have trouble."

"Yeah, I know. Half of the League is down. We're hopeless."

"Not nessecarily"

"Clark, I know you think your invincible and all, but your not. We need more than two people to take down these menaces. There's no telling how many there are."

"Ok. But what do we do?" Clark asked. "We dont know where they're hiding or anything"

"That we'll find out soon enough. Lets meet back tommorow."

Clark sped out of Watchtower, and south towards the barn.

Conner's eyes flashed open, the wall of symbols around him disappeared, and he heard something move behind him. He turned around and saw a shadowy figure behind him. He clenched his fist.

"Whoever you are, you have to know... not to mess with me."

Jor-El spoke "My... son. What is the matter? Why have you stopped your training?"

"Jor-El there's something in the Fortress"





Conner looked around and saw nothing. He had to get Clark. But how? He didn't know how he got here.

"Jor-El.. take me home"

A portal opened around Conner, and it sucked him in.

As the portal was closing, the shadow figure flew into the portal.

Chloe walked into the meeting room, and saw Metamorpho, Hawkgirl, The Atom, Captain Marvel, and Booster Gold.

"We all know why we're here"

A few heads nodded, and she got a yes out of some of them.

"But Im going to repeat myself. The League isnt ready to face what they're going to face. They're to pulled apart. It's our job to protect them from what's coming. But we have to stay as much of a secret as we can." She tossed the rings into the center of the table. "These are for you and for you only. They serve as communicators and flight rings. They show that you are a member of the Legion"

Episode 3 "Bizzare" : Conner comes back from the Fortress, and the phantom finds Clark. Oliver finds out about Chloe's secret team. The League turn their backs on each other, and a dark force drives them apart.

Conner sped through the Kansas cornfields, and to the Kent Farm. I hope Clark is here, he thought.

Clark sped into the loft, and got the key to the Fortress. He heard someone walking up the stairs, and turned around to see Conner.

"Conner, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be..."

"I know Clark, but there was some kind of--" Conner couldnt seem to get the words out. "Some kind of--of phantom"

"Conner are you sure?" Clark asked, worried.

"Yes. But I think Jor-El delt with it." Conner replied

"Good." It was then that Clark realized that they were in danger "Conner. Get as far away from here as you can."

"Why?" Conner asked.

"No time to...." Clark said, but it was too late.

The phantom came from the window, and gave out an evil hiss.

Lois held up a newspaper, and read the headline "Lex Luthor launches new company, LexCorp is back!" She sighed. "What kind of bafoon would write this to make Lex look.... good?" She put the newspaper down, and saw Cat Grant walk into the bullpin and straight to her.

"Lois Lane"


"I hear that Superman and the rest of the vigilantes are in for Lex Luthor."

"Thats nonsense."

"No, my sources say that Superman is out to kill him, and Im never wrong. Lois, we have the scoop of the century."

Lois got up from her desk. "Cat, you should leave"

"I cant." Cat smirked. "This is my new desk" She said, and sat down in Lois' chair.

"Ugh, Im totally having a talk with Perry" Lois said, walking away.

Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, jumped from the rooftop of the Daily Planet, took out his grapple, and swung onto another building. He had been searching all night for a clue to find Lex's team, but couldnt find any. He jumped onto another rooftop, and then saw a shadowy figure standing face to face to him. He looked closely. The Dark Archer. Oliver lifted his bow, but it was too late. The Dark Archer lifted his bow, shot and an arrow went straight through Oliver's jacket, through his gut, and stuck into him.

Now, Oliver saw nothing but darkness.

Conner was down in a matter of seconds. The Phantom had ripped through him, and now possesed him. His eyes were glowing red.

"Conner... I know you're in there, you have to fight it."

"There is no Conner. Only..... Bizarro!" Conner shouted, and sped from the loft.

Clark grabbed the led box that held the Blue Kryptonite, and sped to the Fortress.

Lois went to Perry's office, opened his office door, and slammed it behind her.

"Lois.. what is it now?"

"I want Cat... FIRED!"

"Now, Lois we both know tha--"

"Perry, she's driving me insane. She told me that my desk was hers"

"I see... I haven't told you about the changes I've made have I?"


"I put you and Clark upstairs, in your own offices, you two share an office.

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much Perry" Lois cheered with excitement, and walked out of the door.

Chloe was flying high above Metropolis, as Dr. Fate, when she felt something was wrong. Something different. It was then that the call came in over her ring.

"Chlo, we found your boyfriend." Hawkgirl said.

"Ollie.." Chloe felt a tear roll down her cheek. She knew what was happening. She wiped her hand across the darkening skies, a portal opened, and she flew inside.

Conner felt dizzy. His thoughts were jumbled, and he didnt know what was happening at all. He sped until he couldn't run anymore, and collapsed on the ground.

A voice inside his head yelled. Get up you bafoon!

"Ughh.." Conner let out a weak sound, tried to get up, but it was all hopeless. His body was changing, splitting itself in two. He looked up to see a figure, and it kicked him across ground he was laying on. Concrete flew up, and grass went everywhere, until finally, Conner stopped in his tracks.

The figure walked towards him, with the eyes blazing blue. The figure looked familiar, but Conner couldn't place who. Once it got closer, he knew. It was-- him.

"Who are you?" Conner screamed, dodging the punches.

"I'm you...." Anti-Conner said, "But I'm a little more.... Bizarre." The boy snickered.

Conner lundged at the evil twin, and tackled him. Anytime Clark, he thought. He punched the evil twin but the twin dodged, and got the double in a hold, and threw him into the sky. He wiped the dust from him, and sped towards the Fortress.

Clark cut his hand with a Kryptonite blade and pushed the console that opened the portal to the Phantom Zone. He heard a "Whoosh!" behind him, and turned to see Conner in his black shirt, with the red "S" on it. He was torn to pieces, but Clark knew he'd be alright.

"Where's the Phantom?"

"He should be here anytime, I left a pretty good trail."

"Good." Clark said.

A hiss came from behind a pillar of ice.

Clark looked at the portal. Still Open. "NOW!" Clark yelled at Conner.

Conner sped towards The Phantom, grabbed him, and threw the Phantom towards the portal.

Clark smiled. Conner had survived.

Conner walked to Clark. "I got him Clark!"

"Well done."

"Now, back to the barn. We have work to do."

"Aww man" Conner let out a sigh.

"Come on, lets go, we still have to fix the fence out back." Clark said, speeding away, with Conner following.

After they left, The Clone re-appeared in the path of the portal. It sped to Luthor mansion.

Chloe appeared in front of Oliver. She dropped to her knees, embraced his dead body, and removed the arrow from his gut. She knew everything was gonna be ok, but couldn't help but think opposite. She cast her hand into the air, and time went backwards. She was standing besides Oliver, and saw the Dark Archer in front of him.

The Dark Archer lifted his bow, and shot. Chloe grabbed Oliver, and they disappeared from the rooftop.

The Dark Archer looked around. He saw a giant bird fly above him, and then swoop down. The thing grabbed him, and then dropped him in the swamp that the Marionette Ventures headquarters was. The bird let out a cry, and then in a matter of seconds, the bird was out of sight.

Oliver awoke inside The Watchtower, lying on the couch. He looked around and no one was there. He walked to the computer.

"Computer access the video footage from today."

As videos scrolled down the computer screen, playing each one, Oliver saw the one he needed. It was Dr. Fate, and Hawk....girl?

"What the..."

Clark sped in behind Oliver. "How's the team" Clark asked.

Oliver turned around, "They're fine. They've all been transported to Metropolis Gen."

"Any leads on who did this?"

"No, but look at this" Oliver said, as he pulled up the video.

"Dr. Fate?" Clark managed to say. "But how?"

"I don't know Clark, but I do know one thing. We aren't the only team out there anymore."

Chloe sat with her team, and looked at each one of them.

Hawkgirl, Booster Gold, Captain Adam, Blue Beetle, and Beast Boy.

Chloe spoke. "We may not be much of a team, but I do believe we have a strong will. Dedication. What it takes to take down the enemy. We can't show ourselves yet, but when we do, our team is going to prevail. Right now, we are to help the League and the League only. If we work with them, we can't reveal this team. Got it?"

Everyone around the table nodded.

Lex sat face to face with the Anti- Conner.

"Great escape" Lex said.

"It was nothing really" Anti-Conner replied.

"You know what you have to do?"

"Kill the Boy of Steel." Anti-Conner smirked.

Episode 4 "Homecoming"

Two Clark Kents? Two different timelines? Clark Kent from 2010 re-unites with his future self in the Homecoming of Clark from 2014.

Episode 5 "Heroes"

Clark, and Oliver search for the missing members of the League, while Chloe is up to her own ways with The Legion. Meanwhile, a darkness forms in Smallville.

Episode 6 "World's Finest"

Clark goes to Gotham on a business trip, and meets the richest man to live there: Bruce Wayne. While there, he finds out about the Dark Knight, and uncovers Bruce's secret identity.

Episode 7 "Fate"

Chloe and the rest of her team show themselves to Metropolis, and Oliver finds his way back to Chloe. Clark finds out that Conner, is going astray.

Episode 8 "Wrath"

Amanda Waller returns, and Cadmus is rebooted. Meanwhile, Clark, tries to talk to Chloe about being Dr. Fate. A Kryptonian comes out of the Fortress, along with someone else that has been remaining in the shadows.

Episode 9 "Armageddon"

Doomsday returns from a dark abyss with the help of Lex Luthor.

Episode 10 "Catastrophic"

Doomsday is causing more trouble than ever, and Lex Luthor is behind it all.

Episode 11 "Dynasty" PT 1

Having no apparent choice, Clark leaves Earth to go to New Krypton, where he is the right-full king. Zod reveals himself, The League returns, and Lois breaks down.

Episode 12 "Dynasty" PT 2

The Man of Steel in Space? Lois writes what she believes will be her last story on Superman, Clark makes his way back to Earth, and faces Zod, and Bizarro-Conner shows up from the blue.

Episode 13 "Amazon"

Wonder Woman, an Amazonian Princess from Paradise Island, comes to Earth, in search for Felix Foust.

Episode 14 "Tribulation"

Spoiler: Superman, and Batman team up to stop the Joker and Lex Luthor.

Episode 15 "Alter"

Spoiler: Clark, and Oliver wake up in a different reality. In this world, Clark never came to Earth, Oliver is a drunk, and the rest of the League never met.

Episode 16 "Brainiac Returns"

Brainiac returns from the future, and reveals some news to Clark.

Episode 17 "Doomed"

Under Cadmus' and The Marionette Ventures control, Doomsday is released again, and a valuable player on Clark's team is badly injured.

Episode 18 "Final Fight" PT 1 Season Finale

Clark can't stop Doomsday on his own. Will the League be there to help him, or will the Marionette Ventures be there to stop them?

Episode 19 "Final Fight" PT 2 Season Finale

The news of Superman's death spreads through Metropolis, and Oliver takes it upon his shoulders to kill the beast, Doomsday.

-----------------------------------Season 13: Iconic Ending-------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 1 "Back in Black"

Clark returns from the grave, and finds that Oliver has gone into hiding, and the rest of the League is nowhere to be found. Since Oliver won't talk, Clark will have to go to a batty friend.

Episode 2 "Save Me"

Lois finds Clark and they re-unite.

Episode 3 "Destroyers"


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