This episode is nothing more than fanon.

Clark in the Justice League has to learn how to attempt two things in his life, while not falling behind on one job.


(Clark is off, training with the Justice League)

Clark: God, Wally, er whatever you do you run so fast??

(Flash is ahead of Clark in a small running practice)

Flash: Practice, practice practice, which I think you haven't done in a while.

(Clark frowns and speeds ahead of wally, running as fast as he can.)

Clark: How about that?

Flash: Nuh uh uh...did I see flying?

(Flash spins around Clark the speed of light, kicking Clark straight in the face)

(Clark falls down; blood is on his lip)

Clark: Nice Kick. But let's see your punch.

(Clark slams Flash into the sky)

(Flash appears right behind Clark)

(Clark gasps)

(Flash smacks Clark into a tree)

Clark: Okay, I think that's enough.

Flash: Suit yourself. I'm going to hang out with Aqualad.

(Flash zooms to Aqualad)


(Clark returns home)

Clark: Dad, I'm Home!

Dad: Clark!

Clark: Look, I can only stay a bit..I have to meet Louis at the diner at 6...

Mom: how are you guys?

Clark: Fine. How were you?

Mom: The best. I'm just really into that girl you've been talking about.

Clark: Yeah. She's really nice.

Dad: Hmm..Clark, could you go do the front work? Pick up the weeds, Mow the know.

Clark: On it. Have to make it quick...

(Clark zooms into the front yard and chops down the weeds, zooms them into a bucket and brings them to his dad, in less than 3 minutes.)

Dad: Amazing!