Vital statistics
Gender Male
Love Interest
Species Artificial Intelligence
Powers See below [1]
Status Active
Portrayed by Terence Stamp (voice)

John Glover


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Possession: As a spirit, Jor-El is able to possess humans.
  • Molecular Manipulation: Jor-El can easily re-construct biological or inherent matter inside humans and Kryptonians, capable of healing any wound.
  • Remote teleportation: Jor-El can teleport organisms wherever he desires.
  • Time manipulation: Jor-El can manipulate time. With full authority over time's cordial, Jor-El can freeze time.
  • Telepathy: Jor-El can mentally communicate with Clark and those around him, even in the Abyss of life and death, as he did with Clark.
  • Nigh-Omniscient: Jor-El has a vast, almost infinite, knowledge of the entire Universe.
  • Reality altering: Jor-El can warp reality without difficulty.