Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who lives in Gotham City. He owns Wayne Manor and lives along with Alfred Pennyworth, his butler. He goes and stalks Metropolis and is a hero of Gotham City. He goes by the codename: The Dark Knight

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bruce is built and handsome man with Dark Brown hair and blue eyes. He normally wears a black tight shirt, black jeans and black running shoes.

As the Dark Knight, he wears a Black mask that is strapped at the back of his head, a black bulletproof vest, a black sweater underneath, a black t-shirt, black cargo pants and black boots.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though Bruce does not have any super powers, he displays some abilities that is identical in the comics.

Martial Artist- Bruce can disarm and knock someone out with this skill. He stopped doing Martial Arts when he was a 2 degree black belt.

Skilled Ninja- Bruce was trained under Ninja training. When on the ground, he can kick someone's leg's while on the ground and walk up on walls to get to other places.

Gadget Master- Bruce is highly trained to use gadgets (batarangs, bat rope, bat smoke, bat grappler, etc.)

Early LifeEdit

Bruce was born in Arkham City to Thomas and Martha Wayne. He lived in Wayne Manor for a long time with his parents and Alfred. One day, Bruce fell in a well full of bats (which is his fear) and that day at night, he went to an orchestra with his parents to watch. There were people dressed up as bats. Bruce with his parents left and encountered Joe Chill. Joe was a robber wanted for Arkham Asylum. Joe wanted Thomas' wallet, so Thomas gave Joe the wallet but Joe then wanted Bruce's mother's necklace. As he was about to take it, Thomas pushed Joe and Joe shot both of Bruce's parents, leaving Bruce the survivor. Bruce then took his mother's necklace and went under the care of his butler.